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Tillypad at the birthplace of Britain’s films

In October, a new bright, spacious Italian restaurant opened its doors in Greater London. This new spaghetteria, Kiss Kiss, is located close to Elstree Studios, famous for such productions as Moby Dick, four episodes of Star Wars and two films from the Indiana Jones series. The venue will no doubt become popular amongst those who fancy cinema or work in film production. From its very first day, the restaurant has operated with Tillypad.
To say that Kiss Kiss offer hundreds of pasta and pizza variations is an oversimplification; this description alone cannot capture the abundant selection of tastes, shapes, ingredients and cooking preference customers can choose from when ordering from its menu of traditional Italian dishes. At this restaurant, guests can order pasta to their exact specifications: linguini or penne, al dente or al forno, with parmesan or mozzarella, or with more or less sauce. Similarly, guests can create their own custom pizzas from the menu by choosing a crust type, amount of cheese, sauce spiciness level and toppings.
Tillypad’s convenient ‘modifiers’ option facilitates this high level of order customisation. The most popular options have their own buttons, and in most cases, waiters do not need to use the on-screen keyboard to enter extra order comments. The use of modifiers not only increases service speed, but also ensures that servers always double-check every order detail with their guests. This makes the service at Kiss Kiss especially customer-focused.
Thanks to Tillypad, communication among waiters, the two cooking preparation areas and the bar is smooth and straightforward. After guests choose their drinks, waiters immediately send these orders to the bar from their handhelds and continue taking customers’ dish orders and adding them to the open guest tab. Orders for food are then sent to the cook or pizza chef automatically. Once waiters finish taking a table’s order, they can proceed straight to the bar, where the drinks they submitted only moments ago already await them.
Andrea Arcidiacono, the director of Kiss Kiss commented: 'Thanks to Tillypad, we can be proud of our quick service and the fact that we can prepare dishes according to our customers' individual preferences without any mixups or issues. Since more and more people have specific dietary restrictions nowadays, this feature has become especially valuable. Among our modifiers are 'Gluten Free', 'Dairy Free' and 'Nut Allergy', all of which help us ensure that our guests only receive dishes with ingredients that are safe for them.'
The restaurant has only been open for a few weeks, but after enough data for thorough analysis is collected, Kiss Kiss plan to develop and implement several customer loyalty programmes. Tillypad’s UK office will help configure these promotions.
Efficient analytics are especially important in the initial stages of a new project. For this reason, Tillypad emails detailed sales reports to the owners of Kiss Kiss on a daily basis. The report data allows the owners to keep their finger on the pulse of their restaurant regardless of where they are; assess the individual contributions of each employee, the occupancy rate and the popularity of each menu item; and monitor a host of other data that are important for growth.