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Tillypad at the service of BUREAU, a street food chain in St. Petersburg, Russia

In September, iconic St. Petersburg street food chain BUREAU opened the doors of its long-awaited third location. Like its first two burger bars, the new location operates using Tillypad. The system was chosen and installed when the first venue was launched, and to this day, Tillypad assists the bar in upholding its high standards and continuing its successful development. Fast, smooth customer service and elegant tools for quickly evaluating new menu items help the restaurant chain to consistently diversify its menu and systematically 'take hold of' St. Petersburg’s central districts.
The 'BUREAU / burgers and bar' project rapidly achieved astounding popularity, particularly among young people in the city. At each BUREAU location, minimalistic interiors with post-Soviet touches effortlessly combine with the trendy concept of stylish, ‘proper’ fast food. In 2013, The Village, a respected online publication, recognised BUREAU as the best new cafe in St. Petersburg. Today, BUREAU has three locations, all of which generate queues each evening.
BUREAU’s speciality—the large, meaty burger—exists in twelve variations and, thanks to its carefully-selected ingredients and exceptional flavour, stands out strikingly from equivalent burgers of other fast food chains. A selection of fresh house-baked rolls, farm-fresh meat and strict quality control during preparation are the key ingredients to BUREAU's success. Combined, these factors have changed people’s perception of ‘fast food’ and bar culture in the city.
The meticulous approach taken by BUREAU is not limited to strict adherence to recipes and plating practices; it also includes daily stock deduction, breaking down recipes by gram and other standards that are currently not systematically documented. The bar plans to add an additional stock control licence to their licence pack to standardise and optimise these and other tasks.
Today, all three burger locations work with front and back office licences. The front office licences installed on their five POS terminals ensure fast customer service and instant communication with the kitchen, which is equipped with receipt printers. The back office licence provides detailed analyses of both overall business day outcomes and each individual menu item. It also provides a simple solution for managing loyalty programmes. BUREAU's marketing strategy consists of an array of discounts in many shapes and sizes. With the help of Tillypad, it has been easy to configure discount conditions and retrieve feedback about their effectiveness. At BUREAU, several promotions are simultaneously in rotation: a weekday breakfast discount; discounts on soups, salads and burgers during lunch hours; and discounts for takeaway coffee and burgers. In the evenings, guests can take advantage of a 30% discount on bottles of wine for takeaway.
BUREAU is not only successful, but also very active in the region. In the summers, it takes part in some of the city’s largest open-air festivals, such as 'Oh yes! Food!', Geek Picnic, Stereo Leto and VKontakte, where the bar is able to sell hundreds of burgers and gallons of cocktails and soft drinks in a single day. In autumn, winter and spring, BUREAU serves guests on its home turf.  Every Thursday, the bar hosts film showings, and the ‘BUREAU-Quiz’ battle of wits is held here every second Monday. On these nights, BUREAU's guests stay later than usual and order seasonal and alcoholic cocktails, beverages, liqueurs, beer and shots, as well as red, white, rosé and sparkling wine — the full list of options is written in chalk on several blackboards. Despite high turnover, keeping tabs on alcohol stock is not hard—Tillypad saves the bar time and energy by providing a simple and clear stock control system.
BUREAU’s automation system was implemented and is supported by Elf-M, Tillypad's exclusive partner in St. Petersburg.