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Tillypad has lit up the New Star

New Star, a welcoming business hotel in Perm, has upgraded their restaurant automation system. Now both New Star and the second hotel of the chain, City Star, operate on the new Tillypad.
New Star is one of Perm's landmarks: glamourous and refined high-tech design, comfortable rooms, a spacious gym, SPA and an excellent restaurant attract business guests as well as Russian and international celebrities. Among the famous guests of the hotel, you will find the names of Igor Nikolayev, Larisa Dolina, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Nazareth, Le Grand Orchestre de Paul Mauriat and a dozen of other renowned names. Tillypad and its Reservations mode help the hotel prepare for the arrival of important guests and organise lunches and standing receptions during business events.
Irina Yeskina, Restaurant Director: 'Our hotel is located in the city centre and offers everything that is necessary for work and leisure, and its rooms and conference halls are rarely left empty. Every day, we serve business events that often include coffee breaks and lunches. After Tillypad's upgrade, we have started planning our catering in Reservations mode, which has greatly facilitated the work of our managers and allows us to monitor all preparation steps. Our hotel is a popular choice for sport teams, and I am sure that thanks to Tillypad we will always be able to comply with the conditions of the kitchen rider.'
The restaurant, with its high ceiling and festive decorations, is not meant only for formal receptions and important dinners. It can be easily transferred into a more casual venue for buffet breakfasts, business lunches and fixed-price dinners. To facilitate the work of waiters and administrators who plan and serve events, several menus were created in the system.
Along with a change of management, Tillypad's upgrade has become an integral part of the complex modernisation of the hotel infrastructure. The program's update in the hotel's restaurant and lobby bar has not only presented New Star with the opportunities that its "little brother", City Star hotel, had from its first day, but has also significantly facilitated its business processes and accounting. The management first familiarised themselves with the new version of Tillypad in City Star, after which their decision to uniformise and synchronise the two versions of the program became irrevocable.
Substantial cost savings in terms of time and resources became evident when the restaurants were united into a chain. For example, when the accountant needs to make urgent changes to documents of the second hotel, he does no longer need to leave his workplace in the first hotel. The job of all employees who work with purchases and accounting has been made easier thanks to the fact that they can now access data on both hotels from any computer with a Tillypad licence. Similarly, restaurant management and hotel directors can view any statistical data on both restaurants without leaving their office.
Anton Sharapov (APK Company), Tillypad's dealer in Perm, configured the system in both hotels. He plans to help the restaurants organise supplier relationship management via the Purchases system, which is already included into the acquired licences of Tillypad 9.5.