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Tillypad has united the capitals of Kazakhstan

Tillypad is now used in GBS (Gourmet Burger Station), a new restaurant chain in Kazakhstan. Here the burgers are a real restaurant dish rather than a simple snack, and Tillypad serves as a business development tool rather than just a record-keeping system.
Today Tillypad helps serve the guests, keep records and monitor the development dynamics of two burger stations located in two largest cities of Kazakhstan: in Astana, the capital of the country, and in Almaty, Kazakhstan's ex-capital. These venues, situated over 600 miles from each other, are united not only through the centralised management, but also by the shared concept vision. According to this vision, the burger stations are located in the largest cinema theatres, offer classic restaurant service, unique recipes and only natural ingredients, which make up absolutely healthy dishes. The interior design references the easily recognisable images of the metro stations in different European capitals. The menu contains vegetarian options and low-carb "salad" burgers.
Burgers constitute the focus of the menu and are a universal dish: if guests take a seat at the table and make an order, they can expect a nice restaurant food presentation and attentive waiter service; if they make a takeaway order to eat during the film, they're in for a quick service and convenient format.
Whichever option the guests choose, they can always enjoy burgers at an attractive price: every day, GBS offer a discount on one of the menu items depending on the day of the week. Soft Park, Tillypad's dealer in Kazakhstan, helped GBS configure the loyalty system.
Evgeniy Danilov, Lead Automation Specialist of Soft Park: 'Each restaurant uses one FS (FrontStock) and one F (Front) licence to manage orders and stock levels. This is more than enough to provide a fast customer service even when the restaurant is overbooked, as well as to carry out stocktaking on POS terminals. All information about sales, discounts and staff performance is sent from both restaurants to the head office in Astana where accountants and company managers work. Two FBS (FrontBackStock) licences are used for the accounting, centralised stock control and general management.'
GBS have big plans. In near future, two more restaurants will open up in Astana, and a new delivery service will be launched. It will be organised via Tillypad's smart operating modes, 'Delivery call centre' and 'Delivery via call centre'.