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Tillypad in most heartwarming restaurant

In February, a new restaurant, Rodnya ('Kinfolk' in Russian), opened on the main pedestrian street of Chelyabinsk. It has an unusual concept: their official legend says that all employees are relatives, and instead of the usual discount cards, customers receive a 'kin card'. Guests are promised a warm welcome from the hostess, hearty servings carefully prepared by the Russian and Georgian chefs and a heartwarming ambience that reminds one of good family traditions.
The Monopoly entertainment centre known by its Moonlight restaurant, multiple bars such as P.S., Topka, Bar Duck and the So what? club has again chosen Tillypad for its new project. All Monopoly's venues are united into a chain, which allows the office employees to have a central control over all sites while at the same time have access to figures and records of individual venues.
PROXY SERVICE Ural, Tillypad's dealer in Chelyabinsk, helped Rodnya set up a loyalty scheme that returns 12% of the payment amount to the bonus card. According to the restaurant owners, a bonus program is much more effective than discounts.
Dmitry Khakimov, Garnet Hotel director: 'Guests of the heartwarming Rodnya restaurant can get a "kin card", to which we — with the help of Tillypad—transfer 12% of the bill. At any later visit, guests can order food and drinks using their accrued cashback. In our experience, "real" money on the personal account is much more effective than the ephemeral 5-10% discounts that practically ceased to attract customers anywhere. The loyalty programme with accruement points really helps us increase the number of return visits, while an insightful loyalty report allows us to monitor regular customer statistics.
Tillypad is installed in all of our venues. It works fast and helps us implement our ideas. In Rodnya, the automation of the service has reached an even higher level: in addition to POS terminals, frontline employees also use mobile phones with Tillypad to take orders. It's fast and convenient, and the guests like it! Without any doubt, we will again choose Tillypad for our new projects.’