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Tillypad in Moscafe

Seven years after its opening, Moscafe, a legendary restaurant in Moscow, has updated Tillypad and complemented the classic equipment with new mobile devices. The new technological solutions, such as the use of tablets, are a nice add-on for the general ambience of Moscafe where the fashionable interior design and gastronomic polish set the guests for an unforgettable evening.
The two-storied restaurant with a patio and a view over Leningrad avenue is well known in Moscow thanks to its fine cuisine, in which various culinary schools form an exquisite blend, and its diverse and well thought-through entertainment programme. Literature readings staged together with book publishers, jazz nights, photo exhibitions, wine soirees, national cuisine weeks — all events are organised on the highest level and never fail to draw big crowds.
In addition to various cultural events, the restaurant takes advantage of Tillypad's loyalty programmes, such as discounts, gifts and bonuses, to gain a marketing advantage. In Tillypad 9.5, the possibilities for creating various loyalty programs are practically unlimited. For example, in January, Moscafe has implemented a bonus program that credits 10% of the guest tab total to the regular customer card. The accrued bonus can be spent when the patron comes to the restaurant next time.
A three-time nominee of the restaurant award, Moscafe has a perfectionist approach when it comes to food taste. They make a careful choice between local suppliers and keep refining their menu. Recently the restaurant has entrusted their new chef to introduce the trendy organic cuisine and to optimise the classic Russian, Italian and Japanese dishes. The chef graduated from a culinary school in Spain, took courses in an Italian academy and did an internship in a prestigious French institute with a Michelin chef. Based on the updated sales reports that show the sold dishes and their combinations, he regularly analyses sales to make the menu even better.
In addition to the updated classic version of Tillypad, Moscafe management also uses the WebReports app developed by Proxy Server Ural, Tillypad's partner in Chelyabinsk. This key-figure online monitoring application allows the management of the restaurant to have control over the most important business figures from anywhere with an Internet connection, anytime. By selecting one of dozen most important pre-generated reports (ABC report, sales reports, dish type report, occupancy rate report, till operations report, store movement report), the owners and managers receive a full overview of the shift in the selected report without needing to be present in the restaurant or to configure a remote computer access.
Ilya Yefremenko, Restaurant Director: 'Moscafe is the essence of Moscow. Eclectic. Fancy. Exuberant. One of our goals is to create such an ambience that would make our guests want to come back to the restaurant over and over again, just like people always come back to see Moscow one more time.
The ambience is created by hundred of individual but interconnected elements, and the Tillypad system has to a large extent become the link between these elements. This is true both for the seamless interaction between our team members and for the customer service. For example, after the recent program update we can now offer a better service to our guests: take orders via tablets, ensure instant communication with the kitchen, serve dishes in the impeccably correct order according to the selected course numbers, take into account all guests' wishes thanks to modifiers etc.'
The automation of the restaurant was completed by OptimalSoft, Tillypad's dealer in Moscow.