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Tillypad in the ‘London’ of Kaliningrad

Tillypad is back in Kaliningrad, this time to automate the London gastropub, which has recently opened in one of the region’s historic buildings. Before 1938, this building was the home of the consulate general of the USSR in Königsberg. Later, in the 1970s, a well-known seafood shop was located here.
Bringing new life to old walls is all about diversity. The gastropub has become a symbol of blended cultures, eras and attitudes. The menu lists not only English ales, traditional pies and fish and chips, but also international dishes created using recipes the owners have collected while travelling across Europe and the world.
Come to London for a pint of beer, and you will find yourself in the centre of Kaliningrad's cultural scene and in the United Kingdom all at the same time: the spirit of England fills every nook and corner of the pub, embodied in its stylish wooden furniture, oak -cased walls and map of Great Britain’s legendary music towns. On Fridays and Saturdays, the gastropub offers its visitors live music in addition to exquisite cuisine; on these days, the Kaliningrad City Jazz club opens its doors in the pub's basement.
London is a project of the Baltic restaurants holding company, which is well-known in Kaliningrad. Among its other projects are Don Chento, the Blinza-za fast food pancake chain and the Ounce tea houses. The gastropub was opened by three people: owner Vladimir Katsman, project mastermind Andrey Levchenko, and Svetlana Kolbanyova, TV anchor, journalist and venue spokesperson.
The Baltic restaurants holding company has been working with Tillypad for almost 10 years. During this time, the operational capabilities, flexibility and reliability of the program have exceeded the expectations of the company’s managers and employees and helped them provide fast and excellent service to thousands of local patrons and tourists. The company chose Tillypad XL for its new venue without hesitation.
Just before London was opened, it was confirmed that the gastropub's stage would be the main location for the Kaliningrad City Jazz festival afterparty, as well as the site of several other important festival events. This meant that the venue's automation needed to be carried out as quickly as possible. Kaliningrad Tillypad XL dealer MBR was able to implement the solution in just two days.
Igor Kireev, CEO of MBR: “The specific challenge of the London automation was that we needed to set up multiple independent divisions within one database, while still using the same kitchen hardware for all of them. We installed and set up three POS terminals with bill printers in the gastropub and club, connected network printers in three kitchen zones and used the highly-recommended Shtrikh-Mini-FR-K fiscal registers at the tills.”
The implementation of Tillypad XL has facilitated the day-to-day work of the venue’s accountants thanks to its simple system logic, fast context search and feature that allows copying of different objects of the system, such as directory contents, settings, documents, etc. Waiters and administrators now have a useful tool to manage guests' orders, and management has gained a comprehensive financial and analytics reporting system.