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Tillypad in the space capital

Soft Alliance Company has automated the Baraban bar in Korolyov, a suburb of Moscow, well-known as the cradle of Soviet and Russian space exploration. On the next day after the configuration of Tillypad was completed, Baraban threw an opening party.
The bar was overbooked not just on the opening day but also the following weekend, and Baraban's management decided to implement a deposit system to be able to predict the bar occupancy rate in the future. The deposit amount is linked to the table and depends on how many people a given table can seat. This system ensures that the waiters and administrators will not make any mistakes or misuse their position when accepting payments.
The Baraban bar is a new venue with a great selection of drinks (the menu lists 166 cocktails), an extensive menu that includes Russian, Japanese and Italian cuisine, as well as with pool and foosball tables. In addition to Baraban being an attractive meeting place, the owners strived to make it Korolyov's little cultural centre with a varied leisure programme: live music concerts, modern art exhibitions, game broadcasts, old TV show runs. Expecting that staff will be very busy during such events, Soft Alliance Company added two Android tablets to the automation project. Using these tablets, the waiters can instantly send orders to the kitchen and bar and can take multiple orders simultaneously without running to and from the POS terminal.
Soft Alliance Company has also implemented a couple of other special solutions. One of them is the use of arbitrary discounts that can be expressed in percents or as fixed amounts, the size of which is entirely at the manager's discretion. The second solution allows to quickly and correctly calculate the bonuses earned by the staff. Waiters, barmen and administrators receive a bonus for each closed guest tab. The size of the bonus depends on the employee's position and guest tab total. The sales details for every employee are available at the administrator's computer at all times. The staff can also check their current standing by using a special report that can be viewed on the POS terminal or tablet.
In addition to incentivising their employees, Baraban also have a nice accumulative discount programme for their regulars. Once the total on the standard 5% card reaches a certain amount, the discount automatically changes to 10%. This way, the regular customers can earn up to 20% discount.
However, there's more to loyalty programmes in Baraban than accumulative discount cards. Sunday through Thursday is the time for several special offers: buy one cocktail get one free, additional free time for pool and snooker, compliments from the chef etc.
For Baraban, Tillypad is not simply a program that helps quickly perform many important tasks. It has become a system that demonstrates the unique character of the bar. The guests like the modern solutions they see in the bar, including the tablets used by the waiters, and an additional reason to come back to the bar for them is to show the high-tech solutions to their friends. The limitless possibilities in loyalty programme creation gives the management a free hand in implementing their ideas, while the comprehensible marketing and sales statistics help Baraban clearly see the way forward.