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Tillypad on St. Petersburg's Steak Club

Steak Club, one of St. Petersburg's most popular steak houses, which also features its own food truck, has been automated with Tillypad. This automation project was designed and implemented by Katran Pro, which provides software and consulting services for restaurants.
Steak Club is located on the southern end of the city, close to the Pulkovo airport. Even though it is far from the city centre, where the greatest concentration of fashionable restaurants can be found, Steak Club has set its bar high. This is confirmed by its 100% occupancy rate in the evenings and the restaurant's membership in the American Beef Club, which attests to the high quality of its meats.
The number of guests wanting to enjoy classic ribeyes, legendary New York strips and unparalleled double T-bones exceeds the number of available seats at the restaurant—if you're planning to go with a large group of friends, it is better to reserve your table in advance. Recently Tillypad has been helping the restaurant plan large event and banquet reservations—the system allows Steak Club to organise and serve banquets both with and without the use of deposits.
A calm ambience, light country background music, attentive service and gourmet food promote leisurely conversations among family and friends. Sometimes guests who have personally experienced the excellent quality and taste of Steak Club meat come to the restaurant to purchase ingredients firsthand (signature grill sauces, fresh tenderloin, flank steaks and pieces of ribeye) to prepare their own steaks at home.  For those planning BBQ’s in the south of St. Petersburg, Steak Club is a convenient stop, not only because of its location on the edge of the city, but also because buying meat here is as quick as at a butcher shop. Guests just have to call the restaurant in advance—when they arrive, they will receive a branded bag with everything they need to prepare their steaks. Food for takeaway is sold in Fast food mode. If guests make a raw meat purchase at the end of their dinner in order to compete with the restaurant chef later at home, the sale is simply added to the open guest tab.
Evgeniy Baranenko, director of Katran Pro: 'The automation of Steak Club had its specificities. For example, most order tickets need to be printed at least twice. This is because all the steak meals in the restaurant are hearty, all-inclusive dishes where sides are already included in the price. Steak Club has several divisions that work as a team: BBQ, cold and hot prep stations and the bar. As a rule, at least two divisions participate in the preparation of steaks and certain other dishes. To avoid dividing orders into mains and side dishes, we decided to automatically send order tickets to all the divisions that take part in the preparation of a given dish.'
In summer 2015, Steak Club began testing a street food wagon—a concept that is widely popular in the US and is starting to gain momentum in St. Petersburg. The Steak Club food truck is parked by a large supermarket not far from the restaurant. Here customers can enjoy freshly-prepared burritos, smoked ribs and steaks that are as tasty as those served in the restaurant—but with more attractive prices.
Food truck menu edits and sales analysis are carried out in Steak Club's 'central office', i.e. the restaurant itself, where the back office licence is installed. Data synchronisation between the database installed on the wagon's POS terminal and the restaurant's server is performed via replication.