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Tillypad XL and interactive service in the ‘Ocean’

On 20 July, Turkmenistan’s largest city, Ashgabat, saw the opening of Ocean, a new restaurant that has been automated with Tillypad XL.
The name of the restaurant hints not only at its menu concept, but also its decor - on a makeshift ship deck, guests are served fish and seafood supplied from Rotterdam, a seaport town in the Netherlands. Ocean provides an atmosphere conducive to quiet family dinners, business meetings and ‘dry’ parties; in accordance with the Muslim tradition, the menu does not contain alcoholic beverages.
One of the major goals Ocean's owners have is to make guests as comfortable as possible. They believe that guests must have the most clear and up-to-date information and should not be inconvenienced by having to look around or wait for the waiter. With this thought in mind, Ocean’s automation included the installation of top-of-the-line technologies.
Mobile waiter
Ocean's waiters use Android-powered Samsung Grand phones instead of stationary POS terminals. Taking orders from a mobile device allows the waiters not only to instantly send orders to the kitchen, but also to provide customers with specific information about menu items, thanks to on-screen tooltips. Regardless of waiters’ experience and knowledge of the menu, they can always keep Ocean's guests well informed.
Integration of Tillypad XL with eMenu
Ocean does not have traditional paper menus. Instead, guests are given Galaxy Tab handhelds. The eMenu installed on the tablet is synchronised with Tillypad XL, thanks to which guests immediately see if a menu item is no longer available for sale. In addition, the synchronisation of the two programs makes menu and price updating a breeze.
Integration of Tillypad XL with iBells
When Ocean's guests need assistance from a waiter, they simply press the waiter call button on their table. The waiter immediately receives a signal on his/her mobile phone indicating that he/she needs to tend to the table that sent the call. Akmurad Annageldyev, the Tillypad dealer in Turkmenistan, has managed to automate the restaurant so that waiters do not need to use special iBells bleepers. Instead, the signal goes directly to their mobile devices where Tillypad XL is installed.