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Tillypad and the electronic menu make their way around Lipetsk

Two more venues in Lipetsk have been automated using Tillypad XL.  New Tillypad dealer 123 have set up and implemented the Tillypad XL software in the Chainik cafe and the Karaoke art club, both of which are located in a historical building in the very heart of Lipetsk, within easy reach of the city administration and central park.
Chainik is an affordable cafe that serves European and Japanese cuisine and has an extremely wide selection of teas and coffees. Chainik's spacious dining area is rarely empty; employees of nearby offices come for their lunch special, and students at Lipetsk's universities come in after classes to meet with friends and loved ones. As shown by the multitudes of guest reviews it has received on rating sites, Chainik is a cafe with a large and loyal customer base, a significant portion of which visits the venue several times per month. Customers have fallen in love with Chainik for its consistently kind and obliging service, great value for quality food, and most of all, for the venue's unexpected electronic menu feature.
The cafe's totally paperless system is a striking trademark that garners rave reviews from almost all of its customers. Instead of a regular menu, guests are given tablets on which they can leisurely and thoughtfully take their own orders and send them to the kitchen. Customers like that they can see information about each and every dish, including its availability, ingredients and price, plus photos. They also enjoy the fact that, as they put together their order, its total cost is always visible--a large-ticket check at Chainik is never an unwelcome surprise.
This solution, created using Tillypad XL, has several advantages. First of all, guests are drawn in by its interactive quality. When they enter the location, they immediately receive an electronic device and independently send off their orders, no waiters needed. Customers are always returning with friends to share their impressions and surprise them with this unique restaurant concept. Second, using Tillypad XL concurrently with an electronic menu has allowed the cafe to significantly increase its service speed--in fact, the sole function of the restaurant's waiters is to bring customers their orders. Third, Chainik's proprietors avoid reprinting their menu each time they make adjustments to its prices.
The cafe's ownership has been familiar with Tillypad XL since they automated their first venue, Sakura, with the system. Today, both venues have been formally joined together as a chain and are managed jointly in a central office. 
Through their work with Sakura, the chain's owners found that Tillypad XL is convenient to work with, allows users to create flexible loyalty programme configurations and systematically receive cross-cuts of important financial indicators, and fits beautifully with hardware of various types and brands. Having decided on a concept for their new cafe, Chainik's proprietors were set with the task of finding out whether their beloved program could support an electronic menu.  This simple integration with the system became a determining factor in the decision to go with Tillypad.
Oleg Shkaraputa, 123: ‘As of right now, 3 guest serving stations are in use at the cafe--we use the order-ready notification system, the waiter call system, and of course, the electronic menu system, which is installed on 14 tablets.
Additionally, with the goal of increasing system speed, we had a separate database created for bookkeeping. This means our organisation has three segments installed on it, two of which are used on the floor. The third keeps records of stock movement and regular customer discounts. Implementing this system has allowed us to eliminate several time-consuming processes, such as recalculation over long periods of time.’
Oleg Shkaraputa and 123 also used Tillypad XL to automate the Karaoke art club, which is located in the same building as Chainik.  Tillypad operates in this location on a separate division, allowing for its records to be kept separately from Chainik's. Both the art club and 123 are currently planning the future development and implementation of a loyalty programme using electronic cards. With these cards, customers will receive benefits such as free entry and discounts on menu items.