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Tillypad XL and the new "library" on Nevsky Prospect

Food Retail Group has recently presented a new restaurant project named Biblioteka Food and the City, which has been automated with the help of Tillypad XL.
Biblioteka, meaning "library" in Russian, offers three storeys of various gastronomic and cultural delights. The building on Nevsky Prospekt, formerly occupied by a book store for over 90 years, will start a new life. Now it accommodates several restaurants of different types, two book shops and some stands with an original range of products. The walls along the marble staircase, which have been preserved from the previous interior, are used as an art display space.
The spacious coffee and pastry bar on the ground floor offers affordable prices and a wide variety of dishes from a light breakfast to a hearty dinner. Here you can enjoy American or Dutch pies, original burgers, mix a fresh salad to your liking, regale yourself with eco-sweets produced in conjunction with the iPolza project without sugar and other unhealthy ingredients, or even have a take-away.
The first floor is jointly occupied by a restaurant, a children's playroom named Vivi, and several small shops: a crockery store, a florist's and a bookseller's. A profound interest in food is welcomed here: guests are offered an extensive menu with dishes from all over the world together with  international cookbooks. The visitors also have a chance to partake in a special project, Festival Cuisine, with cooking workshops and gastronomic dinners. Each guest has the opportunity to share his or her signature recipe that might find its way into the menu of the house.
The calm and relaxing feel of the second floor could not be better for satisfying both your physical and spiritual needs. Here you can enjoy film shows, musical evenings, meetings with interesting people, presentations and lectures. The shelves of the MY shop are heaped with some of the finest pieces of fiction and scientific literature. Gourmands will find a small, but exciting menu here, and a rich wine list in the tapas bar will certainly provide you with a drink to your liking.
Just as in all other locations, the Food Retail Group holding has implemented the Tillypad XL hospitality management system in Biblioteka Food and the City. All restaurants, cafes and bars located on the three floors are integrated into one large project. The Tillypad XL system ensures the clear management of the enterprise as a whole and the well-coordinated teamwork of each division. Moreover, Tillypad XL helps the management of the company to analyse the efficiency of each establishment in Biblioteka, thus allowing them to assess the popularity of one or another format, make necessary changes and raise the profit margin of the project.