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Tillypad XL at Mia Pizza in Saratov

The chain of pizza restaurants Mia Pizza in Saratov has deployed the Tillypad XL hospitality management system in two of its restaurants.
Pizza is extremely popular in Saratov: over 30 pizza restaurants many of which are chains do not suffer from the lack of customers. Excellent recipes, reasonable prices and convenient location of the restaurants make Mia Pizza one of the most successful restaurant chains in Saratov. Mia Pizza also offers Japanese cuisine, which people in Saratov enjoy a lot too.
Considering an intense stream of customers and a long distance between the restaurants, the most important requirements for the hospitality management system were faster service, intuitive interface and full control over all the working processes in each restaurant and in the chain as a whole. That is why the Mia Pizza managers decided to deploy Tillypad XL. The deployment was carried out by Fortis, a company that has been Tillypad’s partner in Saratov for more than two years.
Igor Uniyat, the Fortis CEO, says: "At Mia Pizza managers’ request, we started the whole system late at night before the opening, and the staff was trained early in the morning. The staff members quickly learned to work on POS terminals, and have not experienced any problems so far. The deployment of Tillypad XL has made the service faster which is crucial for such a busy restaurant chain as Mia Pizza. Managers have also made a great use of the system that simplifies accounting and control over restaurants located in different parts of the city".
Fortis was founded in 2009. The company specialises in deploying and supporting business management systems. Fortis has been Tillypad’s partner for over two years now.
For more than 16 years, Tillypad has been among the leading software houses developing hospitality management solutions. Over 7000 restaurants entrust their business to Tillypad XL in Europe, Russia and the CIS countries, where the company is represented by a network of more than 80 dealers.