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Tillypad XL at Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum 2011

The 15th Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum has been held in Saint-Petersburg. The leading international economic summit of Russia and the CIS, the SPIEF is traditionally held under the patronage of the President of the Russian Federation and attracts political and business leaders, including representatives of the world’s largest Russian and foreign business communities, media and civil society, from all over the world.
The SPIEF 2011 resulted in 56 signed agreements for total sum of over 200 billion rubles. All business events were held in the LenExpo exhibition centre, in a business zone specifically prepared for the Forum and equipped with the most innovative technologies. Food and catering were organized by a leading catering company using the innovative hospitality management system Tillypad XL from Tillypad.
Nikolai Bukhtoyarov, the Sales manager of Elf-M, says:
"I think the system worked perfectly well, providing a fast and seamless service for guests during all days of the event. Using Tillypad XL features, we divided tables in rooms into several groups and, according to the number of groups, organized several serving lines in the kitchen. So each table group was attached to the serving line closest to it. In terms of equipment, waiters were using PDAs for taking orders, chefs were using kitchen printers to print order tickets in the serving lines. The order information was transferred to the kitchen printer via Wi-Fi, where the order ticket with the table number and the list of order items was printed. As soon as the order was ready, the waiter on a given serving line served the order to the specified table. By configuring these processes, we managed to make the service faster and prevent any errors".
Tillypad has been among the leading software houses in Russia and the CIS. Its activity is based around developing, deploying and supporting hospitality management system Tillypad XL, as well as delivering equipment, training staff and providing technical support of its solutions.
Deployment of the Tillypad XL at the Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum 2011 was carried out by Elf-M, one of the leading Tillypad’s partners in the North-Western region of Russia.