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Tillypad XL at the best restaurants in Vologda

Imagine a cinema where you are served pizza right to your seat, an original cuisine restaurant, a cafe where steaks are cooked right in front of you, a chain consisting of two restaurants and a canteen. What do they all have in common? The answer is Tillypad XL, an innovative hospitality management suite from Tillypad, used in all of them.
It is quite recently that the Royal-Cinema movie theatre has opened in Vologda, but it has already become popular thanks to its excellent sound system, floating screens, and an original interior design with comfortable sofas and tables for drinks beside them. The area is decorated as an island with a different theme for each room. But even more important is that here you can enjoy exquisite cuisine, and your order will be served right to your seat. And if you want to add something to your order, you may always call the waiter by using a call button located on the table beside your seat. Orders are served very quickly, and bills are brought five or ten minutes before the end of the movie. When deploying Tillypad XL in Royal-Cinema, three POS terminals with the Waiter operating mode, and kitchen printers were configured which allowed to make the service even faster.
Next to the movie theatre, the Mango café is located, where you can watch your steak being cooked in front of you. Two POS terminals and several kitchen printers are installed in the café. With Tillypad XL, the café easily combines a serving line, a café and a bar. Also, the café often holds loyalty campaigns of all sorts, making a great use of Tillypad XL, that allows supporting a flexible discount system as well as collecting and analyzing the efficiency information.
Located at the heart of Vologda is Myata, the original cuisine café. It is one of the most popular cafés in the city offering a truly extraordinary menu. The café is managed using the Tillypad XL suite that helps simplify all the working processes.
To enjoy a cup of coffee with a delicious desert in a peaceful atmosphere, you may visit the café Na Glinkah. The café is situated next to a souvenir shop and is frequented by tourists as well. In this compact café only one POS terminal is installed. The manager connects to Tillypad XL via Wi-Fi.
Tillypad XL is also deployed in a chain that consists of a canteen called Orbita and two restaurants, Lastochkino Gnezdo and Zvezda Vostoka. The latter has used the Tillypad system for a long time now, which is why, based on the positive user experience, the owner of the restaurant has decided to deploy the system in two other establishments of the chain. Since Tillypad XL was deployed, the management has become much easier. Now the manager does not have to travel between the restaurants to change a couple of menu items.
The deployment of all the sites was carried out by Enei, a Tillypad’s long-term partner in Vologda. Andrey Tolstikov, Automation Department Head, says: "All of these objects have different formats. With Tillypad XL, we managed to find a perfect solution for each of them. That is confirmed by positive feedback from staff and managers who have already found Tillypad XL extremely useful".