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Tillypad XL chosen by ‘Troy’

Krasnodar’s hotel and entertainment complex 'Troy' has chosen the restaurant management suite Tillypad XL.
'Troy' has long ago captured the hearts of residents of Krasnodar with its fine dining, sophisticated design and outstanding service. A luxury restaurant, a karaoke bar with a great sound system, an outdoor cafe with a terrace and ornamental fish pond – all this comprises a favorite place for local citizens, who come here to relax, have fun or celebrate an important event.
All the institutions within this large complex were automated by experts from the Soft Yug company, which has been a partner of Tillypad for 10 years. The project of the Tillypad XL installation has combined with the hotel management system Edelveis, which is also used by Troy. Due to this combination ('docking'), all guest orders in the restaurant, bar and cafe are automatically included in their general accounts, which hotel guests pay at checkout.
Troy’s management have also commended the additional capabilities of Tillypad XL for data preparation for the declaration of alcohol sales. This question is very relevant for 'Troy' as the complex is regularly used as a place for weddings, anniversaries, corporate events and other celebrations. The use of Tillypad XL greatly facilitates the work of accountants. Now, standardized data regarding the declaration of alcohol sales is collected automatically. This information can be easily exported into the form prescribed by local law.
‘The administration of this hotel and entertainment complex has noted a rise in efficiency of the facilities’ management', says Oleg Sivers, director of Soft Yug. ‘Staff control, exact records of all enterprises, the flexibility to configure the system according to the characteristics of each of them, as well as additional features suitable for the back office make Tillypad XL the most optimum solution for Troy.’
The Soft Yug company was founded in 2000. It provides a full range of services in the field of automated catering, recreation and entertainment facilities. Soft Yug has been a partner of the Tillypad company since 2002.
For more than 16 years, Tillypad has been among the leading software houses developing hospitality management solutions. Over 7000 restaurants entrust their business to Tillypad XL in Europe, Russia and the CIS countries, where the company is represented by a network of more than 80 dealers.