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Tillypad XL gets an EGO boost

The Tillypad XL EPoS system is ideally suited to any type of HoReCa establishment. Tillypad's partner company Tellur proved this yet again by installing Tillypad XL in the EGO club cafe.
The EGO club cafe has been around for more than five years and has already managed to find its niche and distinguish itself from the crowd of simply 'pleasant' establishments. EGO lives up to its name, from its slogan 'Enter the subconscious' to its unique pysychoanalysis- and relaxation-themed interior.
The designer took great care in creating an atmosphere of sensitivity and comfort. Small, cosy wooden tables with chairs in the style of Viennese art cafe, hookah sofas, glass cabinets with cigars and bookcases all contribute to the effort. Guests can relax in a rocking chair, read a book and contemplate life. Deep red walls provide the interior with its sensitivity. Roman curtains on the windows create a pleasant sensation of isolation from the noisy town centre behind the windows of the cafe.
Patrons are treated to a wide range of cocktails, cigars and hookah tobacco, a fantastic menu and seasonal dishes such as 'EGO punch' and 'Snow pie' in winter or 'Strawberry soup' in summer. Taking all that into account it comes as no surprise that EGO attracts no small number of customers. That said, in spite of its popularity and frequent business events and themed parties, EGO retains all the atmosphere of intimacy and exclusivity that you would expect to find in a specialised club.
The management of the club decided that it should be not only stylish and interesting, but also contemporary in every sense of the word. Tellur installed Tillypad XL in EGO in just three or four days.
EGO had a number of specific requirements that had to be fulfilled within a limited deadline. They needed to be able to use PDAs, which entailed careful planning of the Wi-Fi network due to peculiarities of the establishment; two floors, with balconies and thick walls. Tellur completed the work on time. The Wi-Fi network installed for use with Tillypad XL enabled EGO to offer free Internet access to guests.
The requirement for PDAs to be used with Tillypad XL was met in full, and EGO waiting staff now use НТС Touch Diamond 2 smartphones, which has almost doubled speed of service. Thanks to Tillypad XL's compatibility with a wide range of hardware of different types and manufacturers, these smartphones are a convenient mobile solution and not just expensive notepads for staff.
Tellur was founded in 1993 and today is a chain of sales and service centres dealing in the sale, installation and servicing of checkout, office and bank equipment for different types of business.
Tillypad has been a leading player in the HoReCa and leisure management software industry for over 16 years. Its hospitality management suite, Tillypad XL, is trusted by over 7000 restaurant owners and is represented and supported by a network of more than 80 partners in Europe, Russia and the CIS.