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Tillypad XL: half a minute for lunch

Efficient process organisation
To create an efficient corporate catering organisation, you need quick service, full accountability and control, and a flexible and exact system to manage food credits. Tillypad XL provides solutions for each of these needs to the Severouralsk bauxite mine, where 70% of Russia’s bauxite is extracted.

Benefits of Tillypad XL for Sevuralboksitruda JSC
Rasima Zablotskaya, director of the SUBR food production facility: "High service speed is vitally important to us because we provide corporate food for almost six thousand employees in six canteens. Each mine operates 24/7 in three shifts, and during each shift, at least 640 employees work underground.
All the miners must receive their meals before they go underground. The allotted time for food service does not exceed half an hour, sometimes even less if you take into account the miner's commute time between the bus, canteen, and job allotment area, plus the time spent receiving job assignments. This leaves about 20 minutes, which even with two POS terminals gives us a maximum of 25-30 seconds to serve each person. The Tillypad XL system helps us stay within such a short timeframe."

The enterprise uses 50 Tillypad XL licences: 27 to operate POS terminals and 23 to be used with Tillypad XL Manager in the main office and stores. In total, Tillypad XL is utilised in 11 venues: 6 canteens, 2 shops, a health and recreation centre, and in the store.
These sites are far from one another, but the distance does not prevent the main office from efficiently managing its venues and monitoring each of them. Data from each site flow seamlessly to the office, where they are used to generate reports, including those needed for the corporate food program. The management of the company can then view information about its credit system, as well as used and unused resources, both in general and for each individual employee. A variety of reports allow the company to analyse orders, assess the popularity of dishes and become familiar with the staff's needs, thus providing for an ideal system of corporate catering.