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Tillypad XL in Raiskii ugolok

What could be romantic about an EpoS system? Nothing! But thanks to Tillypad XL, love and mathematical approach have united for the good of romantically inclined Petersburgers! Today we will talk about the most romantic cafes in the south of the city and the stories of their creation.
It turns out that Avtovo used to be a region associated with Petersburgers' romantic meetings. Especially famous was the name of a certain Frenchman, Anri de Fontena, who opened a small restaurant there named L'histoire de l'amour. The Love Story cafe is now right in this place.
In Saint Petersburg in the region of Avtovo, two small cafes with a close romantic theme Raiskii ugolok and Love Story are managed and combined into a network controlled by Tillypad XL. This installation is a typical example of effective use of the system for small outlets combined into a network.
The Raiskii ugolok cafe with seating for 25 was opened on Stachek prospect in 2002. The a-la-carte cafe works round the clock. In 2010 the Love Story cafe was opened nearby, in which the romantic theme, aside from the name and general atmosphere, extended to the menu as well. Here you can find dishes laced with aphrodisiac named "nezhnye obyatia", "pervy potselui", "tainoe svidanie" and so on.
The cuisine in Raiskii ugolok and Love Store is European and Russian with a lot of specialty house dishes. Visitors note the extremely democratic prices with excellent quality. Both cafes are owned by Yunes, a concern that combines around 30 enterprises such as Yunona, the Bul-Var restaurant complex, a business centre, a car park and so on.
Deployment of Tillypad XL was completed in February 2011. The combined management of Raiskii ugolok with two POS terminals and Love Story with one POS terminal is carried out from the Love Story cafe. The single database is constantly synchronised between the two outlets using the proprietary software mechanism Tillypad XL. The distributed network architecture of the EPoS system provides exceptional reliability that is still not achievable in competing products.
This example proves that the small restaurant chain is absolutely not a myth. Tillypad XL is a product that was initially developed to combine chains under common management. The cafe owners highlighted the most significant functions of the system thusly: unified information space, common management, convenient entry of store documents and capability for using common loyalty programmes simultaneously in several outlets.
The unified information space and common management mean that the Tillypad XL EPoS system allows management and owners to control several outlets as a single site. In the end, significant resource savings are made on personnel, working time and on hardware for the EPoS system itself, which makes it cheaper when compared with the summary costs of deploying an autonomous EPoS system in each outlet.
The unified loyalty programmes for all outlets in the chain at the same time are also convenient for visitors. Restaurant or cafe guests use the same card with a cumulative discount, know the conditions of promotions and can choose the outlet that is more convenient for them. All this additionally increases their loyalty.
The website of the Raiskii ugolok cafe is and the Love Story cafe website is On the Love Story cafe website you can read a fairly romantic and interesting story about how the restaurant came about 100 years ago on the site in Avtovo where the cafe is now.
The project was carried out by Elf-M, one of Tillypad’s leading partners in North-West Russia.