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Tillypad XL in the beer restaurant chain Berliner

The Tillypad XL hospitality management system is used in the Moscow-based restaurant chain Berliner, in the Shakespeare bar, and has recently been implemented in the Beerstrasse restaurant chain. Dmitry Mazikov, the operations director of the Berliner chain, tells us about this cooperative project:
"When we opened our first restaurant, we identified its key principles: exceptionally good beer, mouthwatering homemade German cuisine, an authentic but unobtrusive interior design, and a convenient location. Today, each of our six houses measures up to these requirements. We have a great variety of beers from around the world to suit every taste: German, English, and Czech beer brands. We also offer local production and beer brewed under licence. Some of the best cooks take care of the cuisine and cater to the wishes of every guest.
When we chose the location of each restaurant, we kept in mind that parking must always be available, and the place should be easily accessible via public transport. When creating the interior design, we tried to keep to the character of the classic international beer houses. And since English and German regulars say that the feel of the place is as good as in their home countries, we must have achieved our goal.
However, the first and the most important thing that determined our success was efficient management. For this purpose we have implemented the Tillypad XL hospitality management system. The implementation and the technical support of the system were taken care of by the SoftAlyans Company that promptly dealt with any significant issues. We сhose Tillypad XL with a view to future business development and have been able to avoid growth issues. This is a one-stop solution, and so we had no doubts about choosing a management system for the newly-established  Beerstrasse restaurants. As the new restaurants were opening one by one, Tillypad XL connected them in a network, and today, all the management is centralized.
The head office monitors the current data on all facilities in real-time mode without having to wait for the end of a business day. This allows the company management to quickly introduce necessary changes to the operation of the restaurant. The distance between the main office and the facility does not matter. We can remotely add new items to the menu, update report forms, send stocktaking documents, or change promotional rules. Moreover, changes can be applied simultaneously to all restaurants or to some of them.
The Tillypad XL system has also facilitated a complex purchasing process. It allows us to control purchase prices, coordinate suppliers and manage product movements remotely. Tillypad XL has also ensured a single service standard for all six restaurants, together with precise accountability and a convenient reporting system. This is why our accounting personnel consists of just one person. Staff training does not take long, thanks to the user-friendly interface of Tillypad XL. Some minor customisation facilitated the job of the waiters and, therefore, increased service speed.
As a result, choosing Tillypad XL as the management system of our restaurants allows us to successfully develop our chain without any restrictions."

The SoftAlyans Company was founded in 2004. Its sphere of business is the automation of enterprises in the retail and service sector. SoftAlyans has been a partner of the Tillypad Company since 2004.
For over 17 years Tillypad has been a leader in the field of developing software for the automation of catering enterprises, recreation and entertainment facilities. More than 8000 restaurants in Europe, Russia and the CIS entrust their business to Tillypad. The company is represented by a network of over 90 dealers across Russia, the CIS, and Europe.