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Tillypad XL in the best multiplex theater of Kazakhstan

The Tillypad XL hospitality management system has been installed in Kinopark11 Esentai, the largest digital movie theater of Kazakhstan.
The Kinopark company is the largest chain of multiplexes in Kazakhstan. Quite recently in Almaty, the chain opened Esentai 11, the best movie theater in the entire country. It is an 11-screen venue where you are free to choose any format you like: 2D, 3D and IMAX. You will appreciate the high-quality image, perfect sound, pleasant interiors, comfortable Italian chairs and a good choice of food and drinks which you can take to auditoriums.
Watching movies in Esentai 11 can be a delicious experience due to three outlets: Concession Bar, Lounge Bar and Fellini restaurant. In the bars you can buy not only traditional soft drinks and popcorn, but the less familiar pizza and milk shakes. The Fellini menu is offered only to the guests in Super VIP, a spacious auditorium with posh sofas and tables. By the way, the restaurant itself is very popular among patrons due to its excellent service, superb cuisine and magnificent view of the Alatau mountains.
From the very beginning, Kinopark has successfully used Tillypad XL. The program has been introduced and supported by the Soft Park company. The chain actively uses a wide range of Tillypad XL utilities and cutting edge solutions, thus improving its service quality and efficiency.
Fellini waiters use iPods to serve their clients, while the maître d’hôtel handles the customers' needs with an iPad. This helps to draw up and process orders much more quickly and shows available tables in real-time mode.
In addition, the restaurant is equipped with a kitchen display, which enables employees to see the list of orders, the time when they were drawn up and the corresponding place: Super VIP or restaurant. This information helps the chefs to decide in which order meals should be prepared to suit the needs of movie watchers and Fellini diners.
Nurjan Nakhipov, Kinopark deputy general director, observes: "We are glad that many years ago we chose Tillypad XL. The system fully meets the needs of our growing chain. In addition to being a user-friendly, flexible and reliable system, it enables us to incorporate up-to-date catering solutions. We also highly appreciate its efficiency as a management tool. Our outlets are situated in various cities, but Tillypad XL makes it possible to monitor their operation remotely. Managers can even operate all of them at the same time.”
The Soft Park company was established in 2008 and since then has remained a Tillypad partner. Its business model incorporates and supports various automation systems and software.
For more than 17 years Tillypad has been a leader in the field of developing software for the automation of public-catering enterprises, recreation and entertainment facilities. Today more than 8000 restaurants in Europe, the CIS and Russia entrust their business to Tillypad. The company is represented by a network of more than 90 dealers across Russia, the CIS and Europe.