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Tillypad XL in the finest club of Pyatigorsk

Oleg Yechevski, owner of the elite Yechevski Club in the picturesque city of Pyatigorsk, already had successful previous experience with Tillypad XL and Vetriks, Tillypad's partner in Pyatigorsk. Vetriks previously installed Tillypad XL in the exclusive 'Bed' club owned by Oleg Yechevski, which is why Vetriks was chosen again to deploy Tillypad XL in the Yechevski Club.
А notable feature of this project was the creation of a credit system which excluded the handling of cash within the establishment. On entry, guests receive a magnetic stripe card which is used to place orders. When leaving the club, guests pay for the orders made on their card. The club also implements a discount system, and VIP guests are given a proximity card with additional privileges. All of this is handled entirely by Tillypad XL.
Sergey Orlov, CEO of Vetriks, commented, "On both sites we were faced with the task of creating a payment system using mag stripe and proximity cards. With Tillypad XL we were able to find the best solution for each of the sites. The Yechevski Club uses a credit system and the 'Bed' club uses a debit system. On entry, guests are given a magnetic card on which they deposit a sum of money. They then use this card to pay for orders in the club. This excludes cash handling, is very convenient for guests and significantly reduces the risk of cash loss."
Vetriks was founded in 2009 as an integrator in the HoReCa sector and has been a Tillypad partner for around three years.
Tillypad has been a leading player in the HoReCa and leisure management software industry for over 16 years. Its hospitality management suite, Tillypad XL, is trusted by over 7000 restaurant owners and is represented and supported by a network of more than 80 partners in Europe, Russia and the CIS.