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Tillypad XL in Turkmenistan

The Tillypad XL hospitality management system is now in Turkmenistan! Our partner Akmurad Annageldyev has implemented the system in the fast food locations of the most prestigious shopping centre in Turkmenistan.
Tillypad XL: improving efficiency
The first client to implement the Tillypad XL automation system in Turkmenistan was the retail and entertainment centre Yimpash KST. This centre was built by a Turkish supermarket company over 10 years ago but still maintains the title of the largest and most popular shopping mall in the country. Given their high customer volume, the centre’s food court occupies an entire floor in Yimpash KST. As the centre developed, its management decided to modernize this sector in order to enhance the recreational potential of the mall’s venues, as well as, of course, to increase income. To fulfil these goals, they opted for the Tillypad XL system.
Advantages for Yimpash
As a first priority, the management of Yimpash KST was interested in the fail-safety of the system and its resources for increasing service speed several times over. Yimpash’s previous automation system had been unreliable from a technical point of view and lacked a user-friendly interface. Tillypad XL’s ability to solve these issues made it the best choice for this retail and entertainment centre. The reliability of the system has stood the test of time and proven successful for a wide variety of clients. In addition, its settings allow users to take orders with the maximum possible speed.
"As a start, we decided to update our fast food section by opening four locations with different types of cuisines", says Fatikh Karamemish, the Head of the IT group Yimpash KST, "These new venues offer various options including burgers, pizza, Turkish dishes and desserts. We have a very high number of customers, but thanks to Tillypad XL our staff is perfectly equipped to serve them. The system has allowed us to place buttons and popular items on our screens in such a way that we can take orders in the shortest time possible. Tillypad XL makes our fast food locations quicker and more efficient. We plan to implement this system in other venues as well."
The four fast food locations in Yimpash KST use five Tillypad XL licences: one F (front office) licence for each cash register and one general BS (back office and store) licence for Tillypad XL Manager in the main office. In the future, when the venue’s restaurants and other locations are also automated, this main office will become central for all these enterprises.
The implementation of Tillypad XL needed to be executed in a single day. Still, despite this short timeline, the specialists of the Annageldyev's enterprise successfully dealt with the task. Yimpash KST’s upper management appreciated the system’s speedy implementation, while the operating personnel welcomed the user-friendly interface of Tillypad XL, which they mastered instantaneously. Thanks to Tillypad XL, all fast food locations in Yimpash KST now serve their clients quickly and without errors.