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Tillypad XL is at the Zenith

Joint projects of Tillypad XL and the TPF Zenith holding company: different venue types do not interfere with the efficiency of the central management.
Eight different venues – one automation system
The TPF Zenith holding company owns eight catering venues in Vologda, one of Russia’s oldest cities. Among them you will find restaurants, cafes, hotel bars, and even a pastry shop. A couple of years ago, this holding company implemented the Tillypad XL hospitality management system in one of its first venues. The company’s management quickly saw the advantages of working with Tillypad XL, and now the system has been implemented at all of their sites. The Tillypad XL system has centralised the management of all Zenith venues in one head office, while accommodating the specific needs of and improving operation in each individual establishment.
Advantages for TPF Zenith
"We have been opening our venues one by one over the past several years, and during all this time Tillypad XL has not failed us once," says Bella Andieva, Managing Director of TPF Zenith. "Along with its standard functions, the system offers many features to facilitate the work of our staff. For example, one of our restaurants is located on two floors, and the instant routing of order tickets and order-ready confirmations has saved our waiters the trouble of running up and down the stairs. So when we decided to open a summer terrace in our restaurant, Boulevard, we didn't have to worry about the speed of service in this zone, despite its being located far from the kitchen.
The Tillypad XL system has helped us to expand our business and avoid the confusion typically associated with opening a new restaurant. All our venues have smoothly integrated into the general system without encountering any internal issues. Tillypad XL ensures the transparency of financial data, precise analytics, and the ability to quickly introduce any changes we need to make."
Tillypad XL was implemented in TPF Zenith's venues by the Algorithm company. In total, TPF Zenith uses 40 licences: 6 in the main office and 34 for the operating personnel. Despite the remote location of the main office, the management can view information about any of its venues in real time, allowing them to analyse and promptly address any issues.
At the request of Zenith's management, the experts of Algorithm have set up a unified loyalty program in Tillypad XL. Now, the company can set up identical discounts across venues as well as individualized discounts for each particular establishment. Tillypad XL automatically calculates the values of these discounts, taking into account all the promotion categories that apply to a guest. In addition, the system stores all data about regular customers and promotions that have been carried out previously. Therefore, the management of Zenith can easily evaluate the efficiency of a given discount for an individual restaurant or for the chain in general.