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Tillypad XL. Setting trends at Nebar in Kazakhstan

Tillypad XL was installed and deployed in newly opened night club Nebar in Almaty (Kazakhstan).
With a night club, an art-café, a DJ bar, a shop and an Internet portal broadcasting live video from parties all-in-one, Nebar is a completely new type of club. In addition to a new format, Nebar offers an exquisite quality of services: food, drinks, music and events — everything at Nebar satisfies the highest standards, which has made the club extremely popular in Almaty.
To keep up with the latest trends in the restaurant and entertainment business as well as the highest standards of service, the Nebar team chose Tillypad XL as their hospitality management system.
Deployment was carried out by Mehanika Biznesa, a Tillypad’s partner, who have been representing Tillypad in Kazakhstan for three years now. Mehanika Biznesa installed and configured seven POS terminals considering all the specific features of Nebar.
With the high attendance of the club, fast work of POS terminals as well as intuitive interface are the two important requirements of Nebar. Seven conveniently configured POS terminals and intuitive settings of Tillypad XL allow waiters and bartenders work fast and efficiently.
The possibility of carrying out the stocktake and stock movement directly on a POS terminal provided fast data processing and simplified the work of the accountant. Since the accountant works remotely, the database and all the directories are also populated in the remote mode.
Maxim Fedrak, the technical director of Mehanika Biznesa, says: "Tillypad XL perfectly matches the requirements of Nebar. The intuitive interface was highly estimated by the waiters and bartenders on the opening day. It was only an hour before opening that they were trained to work with Tillypad XL, and during the whole evening did not make a single mistake. The possibility of using multiple interfaces on one POS terminal allowed cashiers to move around the area and act as administrators. Managers and accountants of Nebar also greatly appreciated the seamless work of Tillypad XL which resulted in the decision to deploy Tillypad XL in two more establishments of the Nebar brand in Kazakhstan".

Mehanika Biznesa was founded in 2009 and has since become Tillypad’s partner in deploying and supporting the Tillypad XL hospitality system.
For more than 16 years, Tillypad has been among the leading software houses developing hospitality management solutions. Over 7000 restaurants entrust their business to Tillypad XL in Europe, Russia and the CIS countries, where the company is represented by a network of more than 80 dealers.