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Tillypad XL: size does not matter

Tillypad XL hospitality management system ensures efficient management of the restaurant chain 'Bavaria'.
North Ossetia, a southern Russian republic, is renowned for its hospitality. Here people know a thing or two about food and about 'keeping a good house'. This is why each restaurant has to try especially hard to gain the reputation of a prime location for hosting meetings, holding festive events and welcoming distinguished guests. The restaurant chain 'Bavaria' has succeeded: indeed, it has become something of a symbol of the region's capital. Over the past ten years, Bavaria has opened three restaurants and has created a large catering service capable of accommodating up to one thousand guests.
The existing structure of the chain began to take shape a couple of years ago when the owners implemented the Tillypad XL hospitality management system. The automation project was managed by the Vetrix Company. Since then, it has been providing technical support for the growing chain. The management of the restaurant chain made it a priority to facilitate communication between all areas of the company, keeping in mind its business development plan. As a result, the best possible business paradigm was created that allowed the connection of new outlets and branches in a way that does not negatively affect the overall structure.
To illustrate its complexity, suffice to say that Bavaria has over one hundred stores meaning the real, not virtual ones. Even so, company records are always accurate and error-free. A large number of logistics specialists and storekeepers move products and take care of stock-in/stock-out records and other documents. Four accountants in the main office do the final document processing. All information concerning the current business day of each venture of the chain is also gathered there and analysed.
Sergey Orlov, Head of the Vetrix Company, says, 'The Tillypad XL system has facilitated many aspects of the Bavaria operation that are typical for restaurant chains. It has united all ventures under the management of the central office and has helped to implement uniform standards for the production process and service. This way, it is much easier to manage all ventures and to control the staff.
Moreover, Tillypad XL has become a first-class solution for all issues regarding growing purchase quantities and sales volumes. Bavaria runs like clockwork: it tracks all movements in real-time mode, controls the stock on hand and allows the quick reordering of items where stock levels are low.'
The Vetrix Company was founded in 2009. Its main area of activity is the automation of catering and leisure enterprises. It has been a partner of the Tillypad Company for approximately three years.
For over 17 years Tillypad has been a leader in the field of developing software for the automation of catering enterprises, recreation and entertainment facilities. More than 8000 restaurants in Europe, Russia and the CIS entrust their business to Tillypad. The company is represented by a network of over 90 dealers across Russia, the CIS, and Europe.