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Tillypad XL: The numbers don't lie

Automation should be effective

Sometimes it's worth rejecting the good in favour of something better. This is exactly what the management of three popular downtown St. Petersburg businesses has done. Taiheo sushi bar, Centre bar, and Bistro cafe now all utilise the Tillypad XL hospitality management system.
These enterprises had been working with their previous system for several years, but it proved difficult to use and created more questions than answers for employees and managers. Similarly, responses from the system developers often took too long. This is why the company's management began looking for alternatives and ultimately chose to implement Tillypad XL instead. Indeed, Tillypad XL fills all their needs with its wide range of capabilities and flexible settings. Tillypad XL can be installed without interrupting business operation, which makes switching to the system as comfortable as possible.

Advantages of Tillypad XL

Yulia Parfyonova, manager of Taiheo, Centre, and Bistro: “Tillypad XL has lived up to all of our expectations. We have significantly increased our capabilities, with full information about each of our venues. Our work has become much more manageable. We have something to compare Tillypad XL with; therefore, we can confirm that its interface and system are truly simple and logical — so much so, that our employees mastered it in moments.
We also would like to mention that Tillypad XL has strong analytics that can be retrieved in any form. For example, all our standard reports are created to look the same as the reports we had become accustomed to with our previous system. And thanks to Tillypad XL, we were able to create new analytics reports. These reports immediately showed us that we hadn't been evaluating our strengths and weaknesses as a business quite correctly. But the numbers don't lie, so we made the necessary changes to our work and benefited. Now, both our bars and our cafe have become more profitable.”


The company Elf-M was responsible for implementing the Tillypad XL automation system. In each enterprise, installation was taken care of in a single morning. All of these businesses use a single server, but have different stocks.
An important part of this project was preserving the report format, which Elf-M's staff configured to the exact specifications of the previous system. And to complete the picture, they created new non-conventional reports, taking into account the specific needs of the businesses. Because of this, the management can now objectively evaluate the work of each of its enterprises.
In the future, this automation project envisages the implementation of mobile devices, which will speed up communication with the kitchen, and by extension, allow customers to be served faster.