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Tillypad XL: Welcome to the hotel Belovodye

The IT Concept has modernised the resort hotel Belovodye by deploying the Tillypad XL hospitality management system there.
The Belovodye hotel comprises a modern hotel, a restaurant and a healthcare centre. The hotel is situated in the balneal area of federal importance. It is one of the best area of Altai with the unique natural conditions, soft climate and great weather — 260 sunny days a year. Combined with the excellent service, all this attracts tourists and guests from all regions of Russia. And the water park with saunas has already become a traditional type of family recreation for the locals.
Since the very beginning of its work (2006), Belovodye has used the classical Tillypad hospitality management suite. However, the business has been developing fast, seeing  growth in the number of customers and broadening of the variety of services which led the administration to the decision of deploying Tillypad XL in Belovodye. A special requirement was to create a credit system for saunas and the water park, as well as  improve the control over staff.
When deploying Tillypad XL, IT Concept managed to satisfy all these requirements. Now , on arrival, the guest is provided with a proximity-bracelet that is scanned by the proximity card reader at the entrance. A guest tab is created where the information about the services bought by the guest is recorded, including the time spent in the water park or the sauna area. The total cost of the services is calculated by Tillypad XL based on price scheduling, day of the week, season pass, guest's age and loyalty campaigns carried out by the hotel.
Using the bracelet, the guest may place orders in the bar, rent and buy equipment for the swimming pool. The bracelet is also a pass from the water park to the sauna area and back. Tillypad XL records the time the guest spends in each area and includes the corresponding sum in the guest tab that is to be paid in the end of the visit. The flexibility of the system allows to set up various payment methods. For example, services may be paid in cash while the time spent in the water park is paid using the guest's season pass.
Konstantin Alov, the general manager of the Belovodye hotel, says: "Thanks to Tillypad XL, we managed to make the service considerably faster. Tillypad XL allowed us to use cashless payment methods in the water park making life of staff members easier, Considering the intensive flow of customers, this is a very important achievement. Besides, Tillypad XL enables us to control everything that our staff do. We can see the log of changes of every single document and can solve any problem that may arise.
The Tillypad XL installed in our water park and restaurant fully satisfies our requirements. That is why we are currently planning to use it as a single accounting environment for the whole Belovodye complex to make the visit of each our guest as pleasant as possible".
IT Concept was founded in 2006. The company specializes in the full range of services in the sphere of HoReCa management technologies. IT Concept has been Tillypad partner since 2006.
For more than 16 years, Tillypad has been among the leading software houses developing hospitality management solutions. Over 7000 restaurants entrust their business to Tillypad XL in Europe, Russia and the CIS countries, where the company is represented by a network of more than 80 dealers.