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Yastva delivers with Tillypad

Three ingredients for success of one of the oldest and largest delivery services in Moscow
In the end of 2016, the Yastva delivery service finished its migration to Tillypad.
Tillypad now ensures smooth operation of all their business processes. It helps take orders in call centres, which distribute them among different restaurants. Moreover, Tillypad helps to build a relationship with regular customers, attract new clients, manage couriers, monitor stock levels in each venue, plan supplies, and keep all kinds of records.
Yastva delivers Japanese and Italian dishes in Moscow since 2007. Keeping a business in the highly competitive market of the megalopolis is not an easy task. The success of Yastva is based on their system approach to all processes and constant monitoring of new trends in technology, customer service and marketing. Implementation of Tillypad has impacted all of these aspects.
Three ingredients for success
Structure optimisation
The overall floor space of five Yastva branches in Moscow exceeds 10,000 square feet.  The branches are situated in different locations in Moscow, which allows the company to cover a large delivery zone and ensure quick delivery of all orders.
The branches within Moscow employ only cooks and delivery managers; the call centres have been relocated to outside of the city, which had an immediate cost-saving effect in terms of rent prices and pay rates.
The call centre uses two different PBX systems: Octell and UIS. To enable Yastva to take orders through a single centralised phone number, Tillypad has developed a new feature—MultiPhone. It allows you to receive orders for restaurants with different conceptions (different menus), as well as take orders from sources with different phone numbers. The trick? The operator's screen will display the exact same menu as seen by the customer who dialled the number.
Automation. How does it work
Let's imagine that Yastva's call centre receives a call from their customer Michael. Michael works hard, lives alone and spends the weekends with his friends. He doesn't have time to cook and orders food from Yastva multiple times per week: lunch combos to the office, pizza when he's home and sushi when he’s hanging out with friends.
As soon as Michael makes a call, a window with his details opens on the operator's screen. Knowing his name, the operator can greet him right away.
Michael cannot remember the names of the rolls he ordered and liked so much last time, but he knows that the operator will help him: the history of orders is saved in the system, and the evening is starting to look good again. 
After the operator takes the order, he needs to decide where to send it.  Michael has made orders from his office, from home and from where his friends live—all this info is also stored in the system. The operator asks Michael which address to choose, and Tillypad automatically determines the nearest location.
After that, they proceed to payment. Michael orders food from Yastva each week and has accrued an impressive number of points—2670. Seeing that, the operator offers to Michael to spend some of them to pay for the order. Michael agrees, and the operator deducts half of them.
The order has been taken and sent to the selected restaurant. It immediately appears on the screen of the restaurant manager. The manager sees that the order cannot be prepared without deviating from the recipe because the restaurant has run out of shrimp used in the ordered rolls. He rejects the order, and this rejection immediately goes to the call centre operator. After receiving the notification (a sound signal is set up), the operator sends the order to the second nearest division.
The second branch has everything under control: all necessary ingredients and available couriers. The order goes directly to the chef. In order to avoid delays and keep the customers happy, Tillypad allows to set standards for preparation time and time en route. If the time is running out, such orders will be shown in red.
At each prep stage, the order receives a new status. Michael's order has been prepared and handed out to the courier together with other orders. Despite the division change, the overall delivery took less than an hour. The courier hands the sushi box to Michael and immediately calls the restaurant. The operator changes the order status and waits for the courier with the payments and the rest of the cash that was given to him in the morning to provide change to customers.
In the end of the day, the courier can ask the restaurant administrator to check how hard he has worked that day and what reward he has earned. As requested by Yastva, Tillypad has developed a report that calculates the couriers' rewards depending on how many orders each of them has delivered.
Finally, Tillypad has developed one more report for Yastva, to optimise logistics. Fact of life: operating in Moscow means adapting to a high traffic load. Depending on the traffic, different locations can serve the same delivery address.
Complex marketing: attract, engage & retain
Customer loyalty plays a key role in any delivery service. Deliveries that are always on time, friendly and helpful operators — all of this affects whether the customer will become a regular. The quality and taste of dishes play an equally important role. Bonus programmes, personal messages, free give-aways and discounts attract new customers, advance the conversion rate and increase the average bill. Yastva actively use loyalty programmes. Together with Tillypad, they have developed a wide range of promotions and marketing tools. Let's talk about some of them.
Loyalty programmes:
1.Compliments depending on the guest tab total
By using promotion types, you can customise the number of free dishes or brand souvenirs: the higher the guest tab total, the more gifts a customer can receive.
2.Various discounts
Discounts if you know a code word, discounts on your birthday, 10% off on the company's 10th anniversary, a gift if you win the social network contest, compliments from the chef if you order online etc.
3. Bonus programmes
When customers pay for their orders, they automatically receive bonus points. The number of points depends on the guest tab total. Guests can spend their points on their next visit. You can determine what percentage of these points can be used to pay for the order.
Smart tools for marketing, sales and customer service
1. CRM
Tillypad has helped Yastva to automate communication chains in customer relationship management. One tool that has already saved Yastva tons of time is the automatic upgrade of the customer's promotion status depending on the number of placed orders. For example, a customer who has made 2-3 orders is regarded as a 'returning' client, but as soon as they make their 4th order, they upgrade to the 'loyal' category.
2. Effectiveness evaluation of different advertising media via additional fields in the delivery window
To assess the effectiveness of different types of ads (flyers, targeted advertisement, social networks etc.), Yastva have configured an additional parameter in the delivery window. When taking an order, the operator asks the caller how they have learned about the company. The answers are put together in a smart report and sent to the marketing department. By the end of the month, marketing managers can determine which advertisement had a higher pay-off rate.
3.Tableware by number of guests
When the operator taking the order indicates the number of customers, the assembler knows exactly how many spoons, forks and napkins to add to the bag. Tableware and other add-ons can be added either manually or automatically: all necessary accessories, sauces and other items for each person will be added to the auto-order.
4. Mass texting
This solution allows to send text messages to regular customers about their bonus points.
5. Advertising on the receipt
The receipts given to the customers together with the delivery can show the restaurant’s advertisement. Ad texts change depending on planned and current promotions.
Yastva plan to expand their delivery area, open a few new branches and introduce new items to the menu.