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Yet another UK implementation: Tillypad at Barley Mow

With each month, the number of Tillypad's UK customers continues to grow. Tillypad's British office is located in the very middle of the country in the county of Warwickshire. Its employees promote and implement the program in restaurants, cafes and pubs all over the United Kingdom. In the beginning of September, Tillypad was set up in Barley Mow, a traditional English pub, winning the support and loyalty of yet another great restaurant, pub and hotel.
Barley Mow is a cosy spot where customers can have a hearty dinner after a day of strolling or boating along the renowned Oxford Canal or celebrate a special event, such as a wedding, anniversary or child's birthday in The Barn function room. Both local residents and visitors travelling from Oxford to Coventry via the canal are warmly welcomed at the pub by its new owners, Simon and Kelly. Guests are sure to enjoy themselves at Barley Mow, whether they come to relax, satisfy their hunger after a long day on the boat, celebrate a family event or have a romantic dinner.
The interior design of the restaurant and the landscape of its surroundings have been crafted to create a comfortable atmosphere that is relaxing, but never boring. For example, guests can enjoy locally-sourced cuisine and top-quality tap ale inside the restaurant, in the beer garden. They can also stay overnight in one of the nine guest rooms on the pub's upper floor. Depending on the customer’s wishes, food and drink can be served in the any of the restaurant’s dining areas, as room service, or outside in the beautiful outdoor areas and gardens. With the help of Tillypad, waiters never have trouble finding guests, as comments about each customer’s location are printed on order tickets.
Even though the pub is located outside of town, its patrons are never bored. The weekends are reserved for much-loved pub quizzes; during the day, as the kids play on the playground, adults can play table tennis and pool.  Not surprisingly, customers spend more time at Barley Mow than they would at a restaurant without a play zone or an entertainment programme. Tillypad helps uncover the patterns that influence how long customers spend in the restaurant, which in turn influences average guest tab total. When the owners see the link between the number of guests on a certain day and the activities that were held that day, they can easily assess the payoff from quizzes and live music nights.
Simon Lloyd Parkes, the pub's owner: ‘For a long time we worked with a system that was more of a nuisance than a help. Sometimes the program's freezes and errors spoiled customers’ impressions of our restaurant. Of course most guests don’t want to hear that their order mixup or delay in getting the bill was caused by the software rather than the waiter. At a certain point, we understood that we couldn’t go on like this, so we started looking for a system that wouldn't fail us under any circumstances. In the end, we chose Tillypad. This program seemed a perfect value for the money, plus we loved the remote management feature. Now, not a single detail escapes our attention, even if Kelly and I travel outside of Rugby. With Tillypad, we can work from anywhere, edit the menu and prices, change planned sales figures depending on the season and supervise the work of our waiters and barmen. We were also very happy when our employees managed to master the program in just one day. They loved it right away—taking orders was so much faster and easier.’
Service speed at Barley Mow has in fact increased since the implementation of Tillypad. After submitting an order on one of the four POS terminals, the waiter can now head straight to the bar to pick up his or her customers’ pints, which the barman has already had time to pour.