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Bar/pub ePOS system

Bar automation software is an indispensable tool for the successful development of any venue with irregular customer traffic. Friday and Saturday nights and football game days can be some of the busiest times for pubs, bars and restaurants. When the room is full of yelling football fans, mistakes and mixups are inevitable if you enter orders and manage billing and stock control manually without an ePOS system. The Tillypad XL ePOS software for bars and restaurants will optimise your business processes and organise precise stock control. This will help you keep track of the ingredients used for preparing items such as cocktails and coffee drinks. With a modern ePOS system, bar owners/managers can retrieve sales data broken down by different criteria; change prices; and create, implement and modify loyalty programmes at the drop of a hat.
A POS system for bars and restaurants with an active bar counter
The Tillypad XL Bar POS system has everything you need for your point of sale to operate reliably. If the barman in your pub or bar makes drinks and works with the till, we recommend using Fast Food mode. After making a cocktail, the barman enters it into the ePOS system and takes payment either immediately or when the customer is ready. Entering an order into the point-of-sale software only takes a few seconds – drinks and dishes are grouped logically, and the most popular menu items and banknote buttons are always at the ready. This allows the barman to focus on his primary mixology duties instead of wasting time at the till. In this modern ePOS system, basic cashiers’ tasks take up almost no time and do not require any special skills.
For smaller bars and pubs that use Fast Food mode, we recommend storing data on the POS terminal. This will ensure smooth and reliable pub POS operation even during network glitches, and fast customer service under any circumstances.
Gastrobar ePOS system: for bars with table service
The Tillypad XL POS system for bars where guests are served by waiters can be organised like that of a regular restaurant. Usually, these bar chains and independent pubs serve traditional beer snacks alongside more sophisticated dishes made in their own kitchens. Their wine and cocktail offerings are every bit as fine and extensive as those in traditional bars that only offer drinks and snacks.
The more divisions there are engaged in customer service, the longer the automation chain is. An ePOS system for bars with their own kitchen and table service will have a service structure similar to the following: After taking an order, the waiter either submits it on the POS terminal or sends it to the kitchen via his/her mobile device before leaving the table. At this exact moment, the barman or chef — depending on the division responsible for dish prep — receives the order ticket on the receipt printer. In larger bars and restaurants, we recommend using a special touch-screen ePOS kitchen display instead of a receipt printer. When the dish is ready, the production staff assign it the appropriate status to indicate that the food or drink can now be served. Payments are then taken in Restaurant cashier mode. The point-of-sale operator creates, prints and pays the bill, and then closes the table.
Bar ePOS software from the inside
Serving guests is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the processes in a cafe, bar or restaurant. Most customers have no idea just how many important tasks bar staff have to deal with behind the bar and back in the kitchen. The Tillypad XL bar ePOS software provides a comprehensive toolkit for purchasing managers, accountants, administrators and restaurant/bar owners.
The Tillypad XL ePOS hospitality management system will help you to:
  • keep accurate records of the alcohol you have in stock, which is especially important for venues that offer premium, top-shelf liquor
  • automate the deduction of the simple stock items used to prepare food and drinks (e.g. when a mojito is made, the exact amounts of soda water, rum, lime and mint listed in the recipe will be automatically deducted from the store)
  • use a digital scale connected to the ePOS system to take by-weight stock of alcoholic and soft drinks in different containers without interrupting the work at the bar
  • facilitate and speed up the work of staff at the point of sale
  • provide high-quality, world-class service that is fast, smooth and flawless
  • implement various loyalty programmes, provide simple and complex discounts with or without regular customer cards
  • monitor all staff activities at any time from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection
  • eliminate unregulated alcohol consumption and discourage staff misbehaviour (for example, by using a video surveillance system)
  • communicate directly with partners and suppliers, control purchase prices
  • manage billing and stock control
  • receive detailed information about each venue (for chains and independent bars) down to individual records, such as a stock-in record or a guest tab
  • manage your business remotely
The Tillypad XL bar ePOS system is easy, affordable and convenient. Choose a dealer in your region, and we will help you set up your ePOS hospitality management system and train your employees to work with it.View all list