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EPOS for a Café

Tillypad XL is a simple, user-friendly automation program that can accommodate both small coffee shops and large restaurant venues with in-house food production. This ePOS software is easily scalable and can handle large chain coffee shops or delicatessens, as well as businesses with their own delivery services and/or call centre.
In practice, automating your venues depends not on their size, food selection, or classification (whether they are restaurants, delicatessens, bars or cafes). ePOS systems differentiate establishments based on their service format, rather than their price range or the complexity of the dishes they serve. Therefore, there is not such a large difference between setting up a coffee shop or cafe ePOS and installing a small restaurant ePOS if customers at both venues are served by waiters.
ePOS system for cafes with table service
ePOS systems for cafes, bars, and restaurants with table service are organised based on a single underlying principle. In businesses where orders are taken at tables and then sent to the kitchen, the cafe/restaurant ePOS needs to be installed, at a minimum, in two places within the layout of the dining area: at the till and on the waiter's POS device. The functionality and interface of cashiers' and waiters' operating modes will be different – each employee needs a different set of tools to carry out his/her work.
The Tillypad XL ePOS for cafes is incredibly user-friendly for every team member. Its work modes contain only those elements that are necessary for each user. Extra data, buttons and commands offer no distractions. The cashier uses the point of sale system exclusively to carry out guest payments, so the Restaurant cashier mode in Tillypad XL's ePOS only allows the user to manage bill payments on the till. Waiters work with customers and orders; they are responsible for offering flawless and attentive service, prompt order delivery and payment of the check at the customer's first request. Restaurant waiter mode has a range of tools for quick guest tab management: order-taking, sending of orders to the kitchen and guest tab payment (with or without bills).
In addition, Tillypad XL cafe and bar ePOS systems for businesses offer a range of task ordering options for different service formats. The choice will depend on whether the waiter must also act as the cashier, as well as whether the restaurant uses bills.
Another convenient feature of the Tillypad XL ePOS for cafe is that you can install and use it on mobile devices, such as PDAs, tablets (including iPads), and smartphones. Working on mobile devices offers a host of advantages – orders bypass waiters' scratchpads and are sent directly to the bartender or chef via the software. Before the waiter has time even to step away from the table, the order has already made its way to prep.
Сafe/bar/delicatessen POS (without table service)
Cafe or bar ePOS automation is used in locations with open dining areas and no table service. An electronic point-of-sale system in this format works on a slightly more simple principle.
The defining feature of this kind of venue (coffee shop/delicatessen/bar) is its quick service. Customers have their orders taken at the bar or buffet line, or directly at the till. Customer service without waiters means increased workflow speed and decreased personnel costs. This means that one person handles all the responsibilities of both the waiter and the cashier at the touch screen and that the chain of communication is shortened by one link.
The Tillypad XL cafe/bar/deli POS software offers two operating modes for this type of venue: Fast Food and Restaurant Waiter with a combined waiter-cashier function. The choice of which work mode to use in the electronic point-of-sale system depends on the service format, as well as whether additional orders can be added to a guest tab after initial orders are made and submitted. To put it more simply, in the ePOS system's Fast Food mode, payment for an open guest tab takes place immediately after the order is made. The cashier cannot have several guest tabs open at once on the touch screen.
The interfaces of these point of sale system operating modes are user-friendly and allow users to quickly and easily carry out key service operations without intensive, complicated prior training. With just a few touches to the software layout, the user can make orders and send them to the kitchen, settle guest tab payments, offer customers discounts, and manage accrued loyalty programme bonus points. In the cafe/bar/delicatessen POS system, Restaurant waiter mode allows the user to add new orders to open guest tabs.
Financial recordkeeping in the Tillypad XL electronic point-of-sale system – more than just an accounting program
The operations that take place in the dining areas of coffee shops, delicatessens, etc. are only the tip of the iceberg. The heaviest workload and largest responsibility falls on employees in the back office – they may not interact with or serve food to customers, but the taste and quality of the menu, the effectiveness of special offers and excellence in service all depend on harmonious data and product analysis, their hard work.
The Tillypad XL ePOS for a cafe/coffee shop makes a venue's workflow significantly more efficient with no additional training. This electronic point of sale software will help you:
  • simplify and speed up employee tasks and guarantee lightning fast collaboration among divisions and between waiters and kitchen staff
  • offer your customers service that meets world-class standards – quick, flawless, and technologically sound
  • set up a diverse set of marketing programmes, including complex schemes that offer bonuses based on the day of the week or time of day, and analyse their effectiveness using convenient graphic reports
  • manage staff and monitor their work step-by-step; receive detailed statistics on each employee's performance
  • prevent theft in your coffee shop/cafe with the help of remote video surveillance
  • eliminate staff wastage and misuse, as well as human error
  • pull reports from the ePOS (based on sales, staff performance, the menu, implementation, marketing, etc.) incorporating any combination of characteristics and metrics
  • run inventory checks, including by-weight checks, at any time
  • directly facilitate coordination with partners and suppliers and keep track of purchase prices
  • automate your inventory management system
  • receive detailed information about all your chain's locations (restaurants, cafes). The ePOS system breaks down your data as far as to individual records (for example, stock-in records or guest tabs for product analysis)
  • manage your business remotely from any location – all you need to do is log in through an Internet connection
  • set up delivery service, accommodate special event reservations
Automation with the Tillypad XL cafe/bar/deli POS system offers you simple staff management, precise production processes, and efficient dining room service, all of which will bring your customers back again and again. Choose a dealer in your region to help you set up your POS for cafe operation, and watch as service speed skyrockets and your accounting and reporting systems become smoother every day.
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