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ePOS system for staff canteen

The automation of a canteen differs from the automation of other public dining facilities (e.g. from an ePOS for restaurants) and requires a specific set of features from its point of sale. These particular needs of catering facilities such as work or school restaurants are largely due to their daily lunch rush and the specifics of their customer service. Ideally, ready items are quickly given out on the serving line, and payment at the till/cash register (point of sale) takes only a few seconds.
College restaurants and staff canteen restaurants for business centres, factories, and offices can serve thousands of customers daily. A cafeteria POS must be ready to handle not only uninterrupted ePOS system use over the course of several hours, but also to operate precisely and reliably: crashes, errors, and freezes in the catering ePOS system can, in mere minutes, cause massive queues and delays. In the workplace, every second counts. Managers understand that slow service caused by a cafeteria or factory ePOS can turn into lost profits.
Find the appropriate finance system to manage payments made by employees. Simple accounting and no queues
Accounting within an office, business centre or factory ePOS system must be able to handle payments made by employees. Different companies use different systems and equipment–employee meals deducted from salaries, employee meals by ticket (cashless catering), spend limits, cashless catering etc.
The Tillypad XL ePOS system for work restaurant automation allows you to configure a cost-effective system by which to manage employee meal payments. This work canteen POS system can deduct from employee meal allowances and adjust them appropriately when employees are out of the office. The ePOS system can consolidate data from different segments in the cafeteria POS system to prevent misuse.
To this end, accounting in a work restaurant is organised such that information about employee accruals and spending are personalised using a cashless catering personal ID system. Ordinarily in the Tillypad XL ePOS system, special touch-free cards or electronic ID passes are used to identify employees and record their payments at the till. If a company reimburses employees for their meals, a daily, weekly, or monthly spend amount is credited to cashless catering system employee cards at the start of the billing period. The limit is given a monetary equivalent in the catering ePOS system; employees can spend this amount freely at the ePOS till. An accounting and reporting system connected to the POS for a canteen not only allows employees to be served quickly at the cash register (since the use of electronic IDs provides a cost-effective, cashless catering solution), but also simplifies back office accounting when the total spent is deducted from employees’ salaries. In the Tillypad XL ePOS system, personalised data for each employee can be transferred to the accounting suite connected to the cafeteria POS. It can then be used to carry out period-end calculations on employee accounts. Money spent at the cafeteria ePOS till can be deducted from employee salaries, or, if an allowance is in place, deductions can be made in cases where the limit has been exceeded. 
A work restaurant or business centre in-house catering operation serves more than just employees. Couriers, job candidates, and business partners may also have their lunches at a staff canteen restaurant. This is why the accounting system in the Tillypad XL ePOS system also allows for payments to be made at the ePOS till with cash or bank cards.
Convenience for the cashier means speedy customer service
Workplace eateries do not have waiter service, so the major service burden falls on the cashier at the ePOS till. From 1pm to 4pm, an endless stream of hungry employees floods the cafeteria, leaving cashiers not a minute to relax and placing a heavy load on the POS for the canteen. Automation using the Tillypad XL cafeteria POS system provides convenience for those employees whose attention and productivity at the point of sale impact service speed and precision on the POS for the canteen/catering operation. Only necessary buttons and the most popular menu items are visible on the cashier's screen in the catering ePOS system. This means that an order can be made on the equipment with just a few touches.
Turn your cafeteria into a cost-effective venue
When the cafeteria offers low prices and tasty homestyle food, employees won't defect to nearby fast food joints or cafes. But if items at the point of sale are sold with only a small markup, frequent deductions of expired stock items can causes major profit losses. In order to avoid losing profits, it is important to have a tight stock control system. Keeping record of stock items in your cafeteria with Tillypad XL (a feature adopted from its ePOS for restaurants) will help you prevent stock item spoilage, anticipate unplanned overconsumption and keep track of all stock movements and sales. Accounting is an important part of the canteen in a plant or factory. An ePOS system makes its operations precise and transparent. When stock on hand is analysed regularly, your canteen will always have a positive balance, even if it keeps costs to customers low.
The Tillypad XL ePOS for restaurants/canteens/cafeterias allows you to:
  • increase service quality and speed
  • provide meals to employees via plastic and magnetic cards or other IDs
  • carry out stock control
  • provide meals for employees from different divisions in a single cafeteria
  • create and change sales rules in the back office
  • use deferred payments and deduct meals from allowances or employees' salaries
  • set limits on the number of purchases employees can make during a specific time period
  • use a cashless catering system to decrease cash flow on-site at the company
  • ensure data security
  • effortlessly generate reports, including detailed payment reports
Automating your office cafeteria with the work canteen POS system from Tillypad XL is a simple task! Choose a dealer in your region to help you set up your POS for canteen operation, and watch as service speed skyrockets and your accounting and reporting systems become smoother every day.
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