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Automation of restaurant food delivery systems

In the highly competitive food delivery industry in the UK, automation with Tillypad XL will help you launch your food delivery system. The system will guarantee precision in your restaurant delivery service operations and stability in your client-call-centre and call-centre-production communication streams.
A restaurant delivery service can become a profitable additional sales direction only if communication operates smoothly at every stage—from takeaway ordering and sending of orders to the kitchen to fast food delivery and payment with the client.  Mix-ups and courier delays caused by a disorganised ordering system, ill-timed order allocation or other hitches can send loyal customers running to competitors.  Tillypad XL fast food delivery software guarantees that all your restaurant’s delivery service business operations will run reliably; it can be a multi-functional tool for developing your business in the food delivery industry.
Food delivery system automation with Tillypad XL can be organised for standalone restaurants or for restaurant chains that use their own restaurant delivery call centre for delivery order distribution.
A simple restaurant delivery service automation setup might look like this:
1. The meal ordering system: minimising wait time on the phone lines to eliminate dropped calls
The fewer actions a delivery manager has to take, the less time the customer waits on the ordering system phone line. And shorter phone queues mean a lower percentage of orders lost because of excessive wait time.
In Tillypad XL’s fast food delivery software, caller ID automatically registers the phone number from each incoming call. If the contact is already in the mobile ordering system database, its information window immediately appears on the operator’s screen.  After this automatic customer recognition, the delivery system operator needs only confirm the address with the customer. If a call comes in from a new customer, the operator will need to fill in an empty window.
2. Managing your own restaurant’s delivery service: up-to-date information ensures timely delivery
There is a special operating mode, Delivery Call Centre, for working with orders in the Tillypad XL delivery system.  This mode allows the user to distribute food to-go orders among restaurants, instantaneously keep up with changes in order statuses, and when needed, contact customers with specific information about delivery times. Answering incoming calls or placing outgoing calls can be done with a single click.  Within the meal ordering system, the operator only sees information that is relevant for the current stage. All changes made by the employees who execute orders instantly appear in open guest tabs.  Thanks to the fast food delivery software, communication with customers and process monitoring are transparent and lightning fast, and execution always stays on track.
Once an order is taken via the mobile ordering system and a guest tab is created, the operator sends it to the restaurant closest to the customer.  At the exact same moment, the employees at the site receive and confirm the order using the delivery software for fast food venues.  If there is a high fast food production load, an ingredient deficit or a lack of available couriers, the restaurant within the delivery service can reject the order.  Notice of the order rejection is immediately sent to the mobile ordering system operator at the call centre.
3. Preparation and assembly of food to go: plan by the minute
Employees in the restaurant where the order is prepared and assembled use Delivery via call centre mode. This fast food delivery software mode is used to manage the prep, assembly and delivery processes and does not include any direct contact with customers.  Fast food restaurant employees manage order statuses, print receipts, and assign, dispatch and carry out monetary transactions with couriers. Every time an order moves to its next stage, its status changes. This change is recorded in the delivery software for fast food restaurants and becomes available in the call centre.
Pizza/sushi delivery automation with Tillypad XL not only helps you organise and maintain smooth delivery service business processes, but also ensures fast and excellent service without delays, confusion or data loss.  The delivery system issues reminders that the chef or courier needs to hurry up in order for the delivery to arrive on time; it informs employees when dishes are running late and when deliveries have not been confirmed by the couriers at the proper time. By determining the maximum allowable preparation and delivery times, management can motivate employees to work faster and cooperate better, thus increasing service speed and improving customers’ overall impressions of the quality of the restaurant's delivery service.
4. Delivering orders and taking payments from customers: accurate up to the last penny
Immediately after the order has been prepared and assembled, it is sent out for delivery or made ready for pickup.
The Tillypad XL fast food delivery software contains detailed information about each courier’s tasks, including workload, delivery addresses, number and totals of open guest tabs, and the amount of cash given out at the beginning of the shift for change. At the end of the day, the courier returns to the division to hand in payments and any leftover change money. The Tillypad XL fast food delivery software allows you to quickly carry out transactions with couriers and run an express analysis of their efficiency by looking at the number of guest tabs they have successfully closed.
Automation with the Tillypad XL food delivery system allows you to:
  • organise and manage a centralised delivery service business with a single phone number (call centre)
  • automate your own restaurant delivery service if your restaurant is not part of a chain
  • keep track of the order completion process and provide customers with up-to-date information about prep progress and delivery time
  • monitor order statuses and make on-the-spot changes when necessary
  • maintain and enlarge your customer base by logging every phone call in the meal ordering system
  • process incoming calls and make outgoing calls with a single click
  • increase the speed of delivery service business operations by indicating the maximum time allowed for each food delivery system step
  • set individual delivery times for orders (e.g. when a customer wants to receive his/her order by a certain time). Prep start can be ticked off manually or automatically
  • integrate the delivery system into other key processes in the restaurant: purchases, stocktaking, stock item cost calculation, recipe creation, financial recordkeeping, etc
  • manage couriers: distribute orders, keep track of payments and close guest tabs in the delivery system
  • maintain black lists with the phone numbers of customers in the UK who have cancelled orders or refused to pay
  • manage pickup (food to go)
  • offer a range of payment methods
  • limit user access and permissions in the meal ordering system depending on employees’ positions and responsibilities
  • increase customer loyalty by implementing special programmes and analysing their effectiveness
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