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Fast Food POS

Fast food restaurant automation is an indispensable component of both quick service speed and operational stability. 
Quick service restaurants have a large and dynamic customer flow; people come to food courts for a quick snack when they don't have time to sit and wait for their orders — during a lunch break, while shopping in the mall or before going to the cinema. Unlike in traditional restaurants, people don't spend a long time in a burger bar or kebab house, which makes business processes at these venue types run much faster. The time allotted for taking orders and payments and preparing and serving items must be strictly limited, since any delays may negatively impact customer loyalty. Every minute counts — potential customers are more likely to choose an adjacent food court stand with a shorter queue than to wait out a delay.
Tillypad XL software for fast food venues not only enables quick service speed so customers never have to wait, it also offers additional management features — the system helps users automate coordination between cashiers and kitchen staff, maintain records for fast food points of sale, implement various loyalty programmes, handle marketing challenges and retrieve different reports on fast food restaurant operation.
As a rule, a traditional fast food point of sale (such as common Indian or Chinese restaurant EPOS systems) is only used for taking orders and payments and cannot meet all the needs of ambitious restaurants developing amid fierce competition. The Tillypad XL management system for fast food venues is a useful tool, which, when used with a well thought-out marketing strategy, can help you launch a chain of popular and successful quick service restaurants in a short span of time. Here’s why:
1. Take orders in mere seconds
Create orders with just a few finger taps: the POS system interface is clear and easy to use, popular menu items are always visible, and dishes are grouped in a logical order. Button locations can easily be changed to be as convenient as possible for cashiers.
2. Being an expert is easy, even for a newbie
Hiring new employees should not negatively impact service quality. In Tillypad XL, users can view a dish's composition at any time, which allows new staff to feel confident from day one.
3. Possibilities for sales growth
Hook up customer displays and offer customers add-ons; set up loyalty programmes and increase average bill totals. With Tillypad XL, you have a limitless array of discount options: you can set days of the week, specific menu items or a certain number of items in the guest tab to trigger the application of a discount. Use loyalty cards to provide special discounts and give out freebies, prompting your customers to come back again and again.
4. Instant communication with the kitchen
Quick service restaurants rely on speed in their fast food POS operations, which in their turn depend heavily on smooth workflow and the time required at each stage, from taking an order at the point of sale and sending it to the kitchen to preparation and assembly. The sooner an order is sent to the kitchen, the sooner kitchen staff can start preparing it. To communicate with the kitchen at lightning speeds, you can set up a kitchen order ticket printer or configure an electronic order queue on a kitchen display. The latter is slightly more expensive but has many advantages: the order queue is visible to every member of the production team, no slips get lost, and you never have to worry about running out of paper at the worst possible moment.
5. Selling dishes by weight at the till
Tillypad XL’s system for fast food venues allows you to connect a scale to the point of sale. This software for fast food will automatically calculate the price of the item on the scale and add it to the customer's guest tab. Cashiers do not need to make special price calculations or take any additional steps.
6. Reports from any time period featuring any cross-section of data
To assess profitability and make decisions about introducing or removing menu items and opening or closing points of sale, you need detailed sales information. Wherever you are, Tillypad XL offers you critical, decision-influencing data: staff efficiency, sales of certain menu items, workload in the dining area, peak hours, cash flow, effectiveness of loyalty programmes, profitability of different hours of operation and info from many other configurable parameters in the quick service POS system.
7. Honest work from the entire team
Unfortunately, no interview approach can offer a 100% guarantee that you won't hire dishonest staff members. However, the unique management features of Tillypad XL’s software for fast food restaurants leave unscrupulous employees no room for theft or fraud. Complete control over sales, clear access rights and viewing permissions for all till operations and document edits protect you from financial losses and staff misuse. The TillyVision feature allows you to view operations live or record video from cameras and POS terminal screens for later review. With the Tillypad XL system for fast food restaurants, you can be assured that not a penny will go missing.
8. Quick integration of new sites
When your first fast food restaurant demonstrates its success, the next logical step is to scale up the business. With Tillypad XL, opening new sites is easy—every location can be managed from a central office or restaurant. Without leaving your office chair, you can create and edit menus, manage purchases, receive reports, and oversee staff and service speed. And as an added bonus, all of this can be done from anywhere in the world—you just need an Internet connection.
The management features of the Tillypad XL fast food POS system allow you to:
  • use a single menu at all your venues
  • keep records for your fast food venue in a convenient, centralised system
  • increase prep speed by organising simple, instantaneous communication between kitchen staff and cashiers
  • monitor stock consumption and remaining stock on hand
  • increase the efficiency of employees and prevent misuse of receipts and discounts
  • decrease stock usage, shortages and documentation errors
  • set service standards for all the venues of your restaurant chain
  • organise marketing campaigns for the entire chain or individual locations
  • easily carry out stocktaking operations
  • automatically calculate cost prices of dishes and remove unprofitable items from the menu
  • implement and manage loyalty programmes and keep track of the profits they bring in
  • organise deliveries and special programmes for loyal customers
  • retrieve reports from any period about the operation both of your restaurant chain as a whole and of each individual venue.
When you choose Tillypad XL as your quick service POS system, you can be certain that your venue will offer customers prompt service and high-quality dishes prepared strictly according to recipes and using stock items that are always on hand. You will be able to keep track of and retain staff, organise delivery service, and efficiently manage an entire chain of fast food venues, all shortly after opening your first establishment. 
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