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Restaurant POS system

Automation and the accompanying use of an ePOS system are a necessary component of any restaurant, cafeteria, or other hospitality catering venue. Regardless of a location's service format, development strategy, and clientele, an easy-to-use restaurant POS software is an essential tool for profitable operation.
The word 'restaurant' covers a wide range of venue types: from basic cafeterias, self-service locations, and even street food kiosks to traditional restaurants that cater special events and serve customers elegant cuisine made with fine ingredients as they relax and enjoy live music. Hoping to win customers' hearts with special accommodations, many restaurants have banquet menus and in-house event calendars, offer delivery to homes and offices, and sell hot drinks for takeaway, all of which are made much simpler with the use of restaurant POS software. With the Tillypad XL restaurant ePOS system, you can always keep up with the latest trends and the needs of your customers, since every functionality required for developing new programmes and services is already set up in the restaurant POS software.
One system, hundreds of solutions
The Tillypad XL restaurant ePOS system is an easy-to-use point of sale system created to help standardise business operations and increase profits in any type of venue within the hospitality/restaurant industry. Its universality comes from the fact that its front office licence contains all the solutions necessary for automating restaurant operations. Restaurant owners can choose for themselves whether to use the whole range of features or keep it simple with a standard minimum set. Guided by their concept and service offerings, proprietors can decide which operating modes to employ at their establishments.  And if it becomes necessary, new modes can be put into use in the intelligent POS app at no additional cost. This way, if an establishment in the restaurant industry gets off to a good start and its management decides to create a delivery service, Tillypad XL makes setup very simple, as the restaurant POS software and its accompanying licences already contain the necessary features—they just need to be enabled.
The Tillypad XL point of sale system is appropriate for restaurants and restaurant chains of any style or concept, including bistros, bars, buffets, free flow locations, fast casual restaurants, clubs and establishments with table service.
In a restaurant that offers classic table service, the roles of the waiter, barman and cashier are all separate. The restaurant POS system therefore offers each of these employees their own mode for working and communicating with the kitchen staff. This mode appears on the touch screen with only the options and buttons needed by this employee, making it incredibly easy to use. Waiters serve customers and submit orders in Restaurant Waiter mode via the touch screen on a stationary point of sale (POS) terminal or mobile device. The kitchen staff (chef or barman) then receive order tickets from the kitchen printer or begin directing order prep using a Kitchen Display System along with the appropriately-named KDS mode in the ePOS system. Customer payments are carried out by the cashier in Restaurant Cashier mode; administrative personnel and accountants, depending on their responsibilities, usually work in the Administrator, To/From Store and Stocktaking modes.
In restaurants with a simplified service format where there are no waiters and service takes place at the bar, the most easy-to-use mode is Fast Food mode, which allows employees to enter customer payments immediately after creating orders and sending them to the kitchen staff via the touch screen. The Club Waiter and Club Cashier modes in the Tillypad XL restaurant POS software are perfect for restaurants where guests serve themselves from stations or open kitchen areas and then pay as they exit the dining area.
For special events requiring large table reservations or full restaurant booking, the Tillypad XL restaurant ePOS system has a special mode that allows for deposits to be made and the work of the kitchen to be planned in advance. The Tillypad XL hospitality ePOS system offers several specialised modes for delivery service in restaurants of any size and with any operational model. These modes support all the technical stages of delivery in both call centres (for chains that operate their delivery service through a centralised call centre operation) and standalone restaurants.
Intelligent technology solutions for back office and store
Regardless of how a restaurant looks or how its business processes are organised, there are certain tasks that must be performed on the point of sale hardware of any hospitality venue, be it a dive bar or a high-end restaurant. Hundreds of ePOS system processes, such as work with process flow and recipes/ingredients, stock control, coordination of suppliers and purchases, development and assessment of programmes in a loyalty system, creation of important audit documents, payroll and bonus management, and evaluation of employee performance may be hidden from customers, but nonetheless play a crucial role in sustaining a business in restaurant industry. The Tillypad XL restaurant POS software will help you quickly and easily manage these and other tasks. The design and features of this intelligent POS app minimise human error, an important factor in guaranteeing smooth restaurant operation. The restaurant ePOS system not only keeps accountants, purchasing managers, stock managers and administrators from making careless mistakes, but also automatically runs many of the calculations they need, making their work faster and more convenient.
Automating your bar, cafe or restaurant with the Tillypad XL hospitality ePOS system means:
  • easy staff management and performance monitoring at all work stages
  • a timesheet recording system and opportunities to implement methods for motivating employees
  • avoiding stock losses and employee misuse
  • easy, direct coordination with partners and suppliers
  • purchase price control
  • remote restaurant control from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • complete stock management automation
  • automatic recordkeeping of stock on hand, immediate stocktaking (including by-weight stocktaking) whenever necessary
  • control of cost prices of menu items and services, food cost
  • access to reports for any division or location at any time
  • the option to run the ePOS system on iPads/handhelds instead of purchasing stationary point of sale terminals (for small restaurant venues)
  • quick, easy scaling for new locations; restaurant chain automation
  • features for configuration, implementation and analysis of different loyalty programmes (discounts, freebies, bonuses for regular customers, etc.)
  • consulting, service and implementation by our trained specialists
The Tillypad XL ePOS system for restaurants is an easy-to-use point of sale program that will help you offer the most efficient customer service possible. Its technological solutions mean you can be certain that your restaurant is providing its customers only high-quality menu items made in strict conformance with their recipes using ingredients that are always in stock. You can keep tabs on your employees, get delivery service on track, and soon after opening your first hospitality venue, expand into a full-scale chain. Choose a dealer in your region, and we will get you started with consulting, service and implementation of the Tillypad XL restaurant ePOS system in your establishment. Be assured that with Tillypad XL, the cost of automating your restaurant will not be out of range, as the program works on almost all hardware types.
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