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Fingerprint identification

Our partner, PROXY SERVICE Ural, have developed a driver module for biometric identification of users on the POS terminal. BIO Fingerprint Reader allows the employees to log in in a flicker of a second without any magnetic cards or passwords.
This technology can also be used to identify regular customers. To obtain their discounts, guests no longer need to carry their loyalty cards or spell out their names and phone numbers so that the employee can look them up in the database.
Why is this convenient?
  1. Employees and regular customers no longer need to carry around magnetic cards or remember their passwords.
  2. Logging in or getting your discount is now as quick and easy as tap and go.
  3. The fingerprint reader guarantees secure authentication and prevents staff misuse when it comes to granting discounts and keeping timesheet records. For example, it becomes impossible for an employee to log in a colleague who is being late by using his/her card or entering his/her password.
Main features of the BIO Fingerprint Reader:
  1. Authorising employees and regular customers in TillypadPOS.
  2. Keeping error-free timesheet records.
  3. POS terminal/cash register access control.
  4. Viewing customer’s details (points, bonuses, loyalty programmes, preferences, and notes) and providing personalised discounts.
  5. Adding new employees and regular customers directly on the POS terminal.
  6. Flexible settings that allow the BIO Fingerprint Reader to fit into any business processes of the company.
How does this work?
For the biometric system to be able to recognize a user (an employee or a regular customer), you first need to enter the fingerprints of the user into the database. Rather than saving real fingerprint images, the module will save their alphanumeric models. When the user returns and scans their fingerprints, the module creates another alphanumeric model and compares it to the model that was saved to the database. This approach helps ensure data privacy and confidentiality.
The solution kit includes a scanner and a driver module for processing fingerprints and sending them in the form of a code to TillypadPOS or TillypadManager.
Where does this work?
Today, the module has been successfully implemented in the Shafran restaurant in Chelyabinsk for identifying employees and logging their work times.
There are plans to implement this technology in water parks and spa centres to replace guests’ bracelets.
The solution is compatible with Tillypad 9.7.
Reader: 5000 roubles
Driver module: 9000 roubles
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