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Front office

Tillypad has everything you need to offer the highest standard of service at your venue.
With Tillypad's front office, your restaurant will run fast and error-free in all areas of its operation. Greeting and seating guests, taking orders, communicating with the kitchen and store, discounts, bonuses and loyalty programs for regular customers, all payment methods, certificates, coupons, table reservations, special events, prepayments and deposits. Daily reports show steady growth in both income and average bill totals, as well as information about each employee’s output, hours logged and staff motivation programs. We know you need the best people to ensure the best service. Disputes with guests or staff are easily solved by the system of restricted operations and integrated video surveillance, which guard your interests and guarantee accuracy.
Everything you need, exactly as you want it. Tillypad not only gives you a comprehensive toolkit for building a successful restaurant, it also allows you to tailor the system to your specific needs. You can customise everything from the locations of buttons to the time a report will be sent to you.
With Tillypad, your venue operates efficiently because everyone's work is supported by the system!
A simple, user-friendly interface
We have tried to make the interface as logical, easy-to-understand and informative as possible so that waiters and cashiers can create an order lickety-split without having to navigate through a difficult system. Instead, your staff can give its full attention to customers’ needs and to increasing profits. Easy navigation, individual home menu groups for bars and restaurants, a unique order window with detailed information for waiters, plain and simple discount and markup figures, clear deposit amounts and remaining amounts due, informative room layouts, fully customisable menus, shortcut keys for certain menu items or frequently used actions, not to mention a sophisticated messaging and notification system.
Success is in the details!
Mobile solutions
All the functionalities of bulky and expensive POS terminals are now available on sleek, modern tablets and smartphones thanks to Tillypad front office for iOS, Android, and Windows CE. Download the Tillypad application from the App Store or Google Play, connect it to the Tillypad server in your restaurant, and watch your revenue skyrocket. Using mobile devices allows you to increase service speed and table turnover and take orders from customers in a queue. Orders arrive in the kitchen before the waiter even leaves the table. The administrator is always ‘in the room’ with current information on tables, orders, guest tabs; all reports are in the palm of his hand.
Mobile means advantageous!
Front office means more than a till
How can you find the time to analyse reports and optimise business processes without hiring more people? Delegate routine tasks to frontline staff.
To speed up operations, entry-level employees can take stock (even by weight using barcode scanners) and fill in stock or general requests that will automatically be sent to the correct store; they can print labels for items to be sold, enter regular customers’ details into the system, move prepared items from the kitchen to the dining room, and send and receive items from one venue to another. This can all be done quickly and effortlessly on a POS terminal or tablet thanks to Tillypad’s front office features.
More features to help your business succeed!
Interesting facts about Tillypad front office:
  • Minimal equipment requirements
  • Tillypad front office operates without loss of data, both independently and in a local network
  • Central administration and configuration
  • Remote control
  • Incident notification system (e-mail, SMS)
  • Application launch in 10 seconds. Hot swapping of the POS in 5 minutes, 24/7 technical support
  • Automatic updates of the Tillypad POS application and device drivers
  • IP video surveillance and records of user actions on the POS terminal screen
  • Integration with a wide variety of additional equipment (scanners, scales, readers, mobile printers, label makers)