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Loyalty programmes

All restaurateurs market their businesses. You do too, even if it is not always at the front of your mind. After all, you have to make daily decisions about how to advertise your venue, determine your prices and menu concept, attract customers, increase your average bill total, and tackle other major questions. You can diminish the risks associated with these decisions by using Tillypad’s marketing tools.
Clear objectives, intelligent analysis and efficient management guarantee success for your business!
More guests
With Tillypad, you can set up all kinds of promotions to attract customers. Do not hesitate to combine promotions: the system will calculate all applicable discounts so that your waiters don’t have to, which means no calculation errors.
Analyse promotion results, remove offers that have ended, change the conditions of your current promotions—all the tools you need are at your fingertips. And all these marketing tools are already included into the price of Tillypad.  You can promote customer flow in multiple ways.
A good guest is a regular guest
Do you know how many regular customers you have? Who are they, how often do they come, and what do they order? Why do they choose your restaurant? Answering these questions will help you create an effective loyalty program. Tillypad helps you to know and understand your regular guests better. With this information, you can tailor your promotions to their preferences, which in turn will increase your profits.
You can notify your clients via SMS or e-mail about changes to the restaurant, wish them a happy holiday, invite them to try out a new menu or even remind them about a forgotten umbrella.
Be in the know about your guests and promotions!
Making a meaningful increase in your customer stream requires a smart marketing policy. To create this policy, you need to know everything about your clients and to be able to accurately evaluate your marketing history, including past promotions.
Tillypad can generate statistics broken down by any data point: most popular menu items, discounts that are in highest demand, average bill total, regular customer preferences, income from promotions – either in separate reports or aggregated into one report for comparison.