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Mobile waiter

Service speed is one of the most important features of any business. It directly influences profits—the faster service is, the more satisfied customers are and the quicker turnaround will be. Therefore we have made Tillypad accessible on mobile devices so that this speed is available everywhere. And with Tillypad, the mobile waiter includes not just a basic digital notepad, but a fully-functioning POS terminal.
Faster and more effective
The mobile waiter sends orders to the kitchen even before your waiters walk away from their tables. It will work even in distant locations such as an outdoor terrace or separate restaurant hall, and it instantaneously receives messages when dishes are ready. You can even print bills and receipts right at tables. With Tillypad’s mobile application, you have access to absolutely every function that a stationary POS terminal offers you, including even inventory-taking.
Your waiters can do everything they normally do, only faster!
Mobile control
Tillypad POS is a convenient tool for floor managers as well. With just a small, handheld tablet managers can reserve tables, coordinate service of customers depending on how full the restaurant is, control stop-lists, and view all reports on employee performance.
Convenient and profitable
The application is free and easy to install on mobile devices without any extra settings. You can choose any mobile device to use with the system—Tillypad POS works with iOS, Android, and Windows CE. With Tillypad, you have the freedom to select whichever model works for you based on its price and technical capabilities.
Faster service—higher profits!