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A chain of healthy food works on Tillypad

This summer, the APK Company automated Selderey, the first chain of healthy food restaurants in Perm. The project was launched by Diet Lab that deliver healthy lunches and now also work on Tillypad.
The owners started thinking about replacing their old automation system after they decided to open a second venue and realised that their POS system did not satisfy the requirements of their growing business. Today, the healthy food lab Selderey is represented by three cafes in three different locations: in the city centre, in a gym and in a private health care facility. United by the healthy low-cal food concept, the cafes serve a wide audience of guests, including office employees who choose affordable high-quality lunches, gym regulars who are meticulous about their diet choices and pregnant women—maybe one of the most responsible group of customers when it comes to taking care of their health.
The concept of Selderey is based on conscious and healthy eating. The cafe offers four menu types: dietic, diabetic, athletic and vegetarian; all of them created under the supervision of a dietitian. The amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrates are specified for each serving—these numbers are calculated automatically in Tillypad reports.
From Selderey: 'We develop and update our menu by taking into account the specifics of each cafe's location and audience. Tillypad provides us with smart tools for studying the customers’ preferences and the most successful combinations for each segment. This way, we always know which dishes helped attract new guests and delivery customers, which were the most profitable, and which are not very popular and do not bring the expected income. Centralised management allows us to optimise the work of the purchasing department, accounting department and managerial block of our team. Whether it comes to managing the menu and prices, sales analysis, gift certificates or processing documents, Tillypad has proven to be a smart and well thought-through system. The APK Company that represents Tillypad in our region helped us tweak the program for our business tasks, and Tillypad's support engineers prepared a new cash in/cash out report for us. We use it to track cash flow within a certain period.’