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Amici, a real Italian restaurant in Yorkshire

In the Northern English town of Keighley, Amici Ristorante, one of the best Italian restaurants in West Yorkshire, has switched to Tillypad. After only a single day with Tillypad, all of Amici's employees were raving about the new program — waiters now submit orders in the blink of an eye. The restaurant’s managers have quickly mastered the system, while its owners have been able to identify new prospects for development thanks to Tillypad's insightful reports.
Amici, which means ‘friends’ in Italian, is more than just a good restaurant. Authentic Italian taste and an incomparable atmosphere — where every customer is a friend — have made the restaurant a place that unites the local Italian community and serves as a beloved meeting spot. For five years running, the restaurant has been awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, with more than 200 enthusiastic reviews.
Amici is a very hospitable restaurant that goes out of its way to satisfy its ‘amici’ — several promotions are always in rotation, discount coupons are issued and redeemed, and special guests enjoy VIP discounts. One permanent promotion — the venue’s most popular—is its Early Bird menu, where guests pay a fixed amount for any two or three courses, regardless of the actual price of each item. The waiters taking these orders do not need to remind Tillypad about this promotion. In the hours when the special offer is running, the system automatically checks whether the selected dishes belong to the Early Bird menu and calculates the discounted order totals on its own. This allows Amici's waiters to work faster and avoid human error in guest total calculations.
Nick Risidi, the owner of Amici commented: 'Amici has gained a stellar reputation for steeping its customers in a truly authentic Italian atmosphere, all at the cost of one of our reasonably-priced dinner selections. All the dishes we serve here are prepared by Italian chefs, and our pizzas are baked in an authentic wood-burning oven, a rarity in England. Our guests know this, which is why the house is almost always full. At a certain point we realised that unfortunately, our current ePOS system could not handle our customer numbers. It had only a very limited number of features and was not giving us the statistics we needed to grow our business. Tillypad was a great replacement for our previous software; it has streamlined routine processes and provides us with detailed information about our finances, sales, promotion performance and staff contributions. We're sure that the system will help us save both time and money.'
Lee Rymell, Tillypad UK Operations Director: 'Amici is a restaurant with consistently high customer flow and low markup, which means that any time lost during the automation install was going to have a significant impact on the restaurant. This is why we knew we had to set up the system in one day.  And we got the job done! On the very same day we had an intensive, five-hour staff training using the restaurant's actual menu and promotions. Amici's owners and employees agree that Tillypad is a well-thought-out system with a host of subtle features that prove incredibly convenient. These include a clear guest tab splitting system and informative seating layouts. These nuances significantly expedite the work of the frontline staff. In the near future, we plan to make Amici’s service speed even faster by adding mobile POS devices.'