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Six global cuisines under one roof: Around the World

These days, trends in the restaurant business are set not only in the West. Recently, they have also reached the Eastern countries, in particular, Iraq. A few months ago, in Erbil's shopping centre Tablo Mall, a unique restaurant called 'Around the World' opened its doors. It unites six different world's cuisines, so the name speaks for itself. Our official dealer Restocreator has automated the restaurant complex using a club system.
'Around the World' can boast various culinary highlights from all over the globe: burgers, pasta, ramen, tacos, cupcakes, and salads, all served in one place. Each food counter has its own open kitchen, where chefs prepare their signature dishes in full view of the guests. Everything is freshly cooked under one roof: from cakes and pies made in the own bakery to burger buns and noodles. For Erbil, such restaurant conception is one and only. No wonder that this unique venue has already won the hearts of the local public. Its social profile is full of positive comments and enthusiastic reviews.
It is not only the diversity of world flavours that attracts people to the restaurant. Colourful murals painted by the Ukrainian artists Sasha Korban and Roma Wius create a special atmosphere and a perfect background for the visitors’ photos: angel wings, a retro car, popular characters from Mickey Mouse to Rambo, and even the Kurdish flag on the Moon.
The restaurant was automated by our official dealer, Restocreator company. It is telling that all the works were carried out remotely, from Russia. The venue operates in a free-flow format which is very comfortable for the guests: upon arrival each guest receives a card on which all the purchases are charged. With the club system, it is so easy to literary try dishes from all ‘Around the World’ in one visit! Just scan your guest card at the food counter and pay for all the treats only once, on departure. Such approach is convenient not only for the visitors, but also for the restaurant management.
Tracking sales online is made easy with Tillypad Web Reports. With this app, the owners of the venue always have all the important reports at their fingertips. Manual reporting using What’s App is substituted with the full-featured Tillypad back office which is now configured for the needs of the restaurant. Besides, the Restocreator specialists have developed integration of Tillypad with the local delivery service aggregator Lezzoo Eats. For this service, the venue provides a shorter menu version. In the immediate future, it is planned to integrate the current delivery service to Tillypad.