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Automate deliveries with Tillypad XL 9.3

Version 9.3 has a new mode, Delivery, which will be useful both for restaurants with courier delivery service and for those that offer takeaway food and drinks. This mode allows you to keep track of transactions between couriers and customers and monitor prep and delivery times.
Decide who will take delivery orders and how they will do so.
Call centre workers and restaurant employees will appreciate the new Delivery mode: the physical keyboard and the on-screen keyboard can be used together or separately for data input - this choice depends on the workplace environment and business process setup.
Identify customers instantaneously.
During an incoming call, Tillypad XL identifies the customer by phone number. If the phone number does not exist in the Regular customers directory, the system will automatically add a new contact. The next time you receive a call from this number, you will see all of this customer’s information, including his/her contact details, delivery address, and promotion categories.
Automate time management and process control.
Tillypad XL 9.3 will ensure that all preparation and delivery delays are kept to a minimum: the system will issue reminders that the chef or courier needs to hurry up to deliver on time and will inform you which dishes are running late and which deliveries have not been confirmed by couriers at the proper time. By determining the maximum allowable preparation and delivery time, management can motivate employees to work faster and cooperate better, thus increasing service speed and improving the customer’s overall impression of the quality of service.
Have order details at your fingertips.
If for any reason a delivery is behind schedule and the customer starts to worry, he/she can always count on receiving precise information about the order status. By simply looking at a customer's guest tab, the delivery service operator can tell the client whether his/her order is being prepared or is already out for delivery and will soon arrive.
Take full control of transactions.
To make sure delivery payments go as smoothly as possible, delivery managers can give couriers cash to make change for customers if necessary. A special section, Payments via courier, exists within the program to automate these transactions. With this feature, the delivery manager will always know which couriers have unpaid guest tabs, how much money they received for change and how much money they will be bringing back.
Whatever happens, don't stress out.
Sometimes the unexpected happens: for example, the customer asks to cancel his/her order or the courier provides false information about closing a guest tab. In cases like this, Tillypad XL makes it possible to return to any previous stage in the delivery process or to cancel the guest tab.
Delivery mode and many other new exciting features will become available after you upgrade your system to Tillypad XL 9.3.