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Birthday gifts, discounts and bonuses

Restaurants and cafes that are especially popular for birthday celebrations can absolutely consider themselves successful — if not from an earnings perspective, then certainly from the point of view of customer loyalty, as people usually choose to celebrate special dates in their favourite restaurants, meaning that these venues are especially beloved among their customer bases.
When restaurants create and advertise promotions for large groups, they usually have a few general goals in mind:
  • earn a profit from a large, satisfied party of customers
  • make a good impression on the guest of honour so that he/she will have the restaurant in mind for at least a year
  • gain a strong reputation among all the guests gathered at the celebration
These events are no small matter — venues compete intensely to host birthday parties, with each restaurant employing different marketing tools to garner attention and attract customers.
There are various ways to encourage guests to celebrate their special days in your restaurant. One option is to inform them of special offers for birthday celebrations. This might be a free bottle of wine or champagne, compliments from the chef, economical pre-set menus for large parties or a BYOB option. Still, the tried-and-true discount remains one of the most popular tools for winning the hearts and business of potential customers who are planning their birthday soirees.
Giving these discounts an interesting twist helps you push them into the spotlight. To this particular end, Tillypad have developed a new feature in which discount amounts are calculated automatically depending on guests’ ages. To receive the discount, the customer simply presents his/her magnetic loyalty card for the waiter to scan — no manual calculations are necessary. With another easy configuration in Tillypad, a birthday discount can also be applied for a certain number of days before and after the guest’s birth date. For example, a customer celebrating his 35th birthday can receive a 35% discount on his birthday, as well as for two days before and after. The discount can apply to the entire menu or only to certain drinks and dishes.
With Tillypad, you can create, implement and evaluate absolutely any loyalty programme; the system’s assessment parameters and programme conditions are open-ended. Restaurateurs can execute time-tested models with pre-installed bonus programmes or create and implement their own novel ideas.
 Here are a few examples of both classic and unconventional birthday promotions that can be implemented easily with Tillypad:
  • a free dessert (any)
  • a free glass of champagne for each guest
  • a free cake for orders of over £80
  • a 15% discount for groups of more than 5 and a 20% discount for groups of more than 10
  • double bonus points during your birthday month
  • a free cab ride home on your birthday
  • a double discount from your loyalty card on your birthday and for 5 days afterwards
  • a discount equalling the number of guests x 2, with a maximum of 35%
  • a 15% discount given without a loyalty card — the customer simply has to present an ID (the discount is then made by the administrator who uses a company swipe card)
  • a 50% discount on the entire menu if the group orders 5 or more cocktails
  • a 15% discount when guests present a flyer with a barcode
  • one hour of billiards with a 70% discount
  • a fruit basket if guests order a meat and cheese plate
  • a 15% discount on every second item in the check
  • 2 litres of Coca-Cola for free when the customer orders a pizza for delivery on his/her birthday
  • a 25% discount on the entire guest tab if a loyalty programme member celebrates his/her birthday on a weekday
Tillypad offers limitless possibilities for creating new promotions and modifying existing ones, which allows you to regularly update your loyalty programme offerings. New special offers not only help keep your business ‘in motion’ as you seek out, test and prolong those that are most effective and profitable; they also have the potential to become unique ‘hooks’ that create buzz and attract more customers to your establishment.