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Capone café in Moscow

Capone café opened in Dobroslobodskaya Street in the centre of Moscow, welcomed its first customers in December 2017. A bar, a restaurant, and a banquet hall for 250 persons, this multifunctional venue was automated by Optimal Soft, our official representative in Moscow.
Capone occupies two floors: a cosy café with a view to a quaint historical alley is located on the ground floor, while special celebrations and noisy parties are hosted upstairs, in the bar area and banquet hall. Wooden tabletops, aged mirrors, concrete pillars, delicious food flavours—all these add to one of a kind atmosphere of the place. In Capone, the menu is often renewed—the chefs use only fresh in-season produce. One can hardly refuse what the menu offers, from classical European cuisine to popular Georgian dishes, such as Pkhali of various types, Khachapuri, Georgian walnut sauce, and Lobio.
While working on automation of the restaurant, the specialists of Optimal Soft tried to keep in mind the needs of the staff and customers alike. Smooth service is guaranteed by the robust cash registers installed in the café and the banquet hall, while PiPO X9 Mini PC, a compact and helpful device, allows taking orders from the main menu right at the bar counter without the staff going downstairs or interrupting the banquets.
Tillypad makes day-to-day operations run seamlessly and effectively. When it comes to organizing a top-level event, the program helps to optimise the purchases and stock supply. Monitoring and analysing business processes is easy—most of the reports can be viewed on the screens of the POS terminals, and if you are out of the premises, use Tillypad WebReports, a great tool for managing the restaurant online. It took only three days for Optimal Soft to complete the extensive works on automation of the venue.
In the near future, the owners of the café plan to use the banquet hall for day to day service without prior booking.