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Customer display and mailing of statistical data

New solutions incorporated into Tillypad XL hospitality management system make it possible to connect any PC monitor as a customer output device, as well as to ensure an automatic mailing of reports to employees with their orders in canteens and cafeterias.
Tillypad-developed update enables to attach an LCD monitor as a customer display. First of all, it will be relevant for keepers of fast food restaurants. They get accustomed to use smaller size two lines displays, where only a few items of customer’s order can be seen. Now it’s possible to visualize all information: dishes, number of portions, price, discounts and total amount.
One more advantage of such a solution is that it enables to display ads on the same monitor. While a POS-terminal is idle, a picture with a hello message and advertising data about daily specials, discounts and the restaurant itself can be shown. It will help restaurant-keepers to promote some menu items and advantages of their restaurant chains.
One more innovation is an automatic mailing of reports with employees’ orders to their e-mail addresses, which is highly relevant for enterprises with in-house catering. The data contained in current day reports are identical to those shown on customer display at a billing time. Moreover, this report can be supplemented with prices of orders per day within a current month and total amount per month within a six month period. It allows to guide employees in a better way in terms of their outlays for food.
Aleksandr Shapovalov, Tillypad sales director, commented: ‘The latest upgrade of Tillypad XL hospitality management system gives restaurant-keepers more options. Larger size monitors used as customer displays improve the service quality and allow to show advertising data. An automatic mailing of orders’ statistical data to employees’ mail addresses facilitates monitoring of theirs expanses and enhances their loyalty.’