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Duoband's new project

Late in October 2018, yet another venue by Duoband team opened its doors to the demanding regulars of the famous Rubinstein Street, where the trendiest restaurants of St. Petersburg are located. Surprisingly, this Asian-style bistro has no name, signs or markings. This new place is all about simplicity and fast service: it takes only 5 to 10 minutes for a hot ramen to be served! Such efficiency is possible thanks to the powerful automation implemented by Tillypad's official dealer, Standard-7 Company. By the way, it took them just one day to install the system.

If you don't like waiting too long for your food, this new Duoband venue is definitely a place for you! In favour of speed, Standard-7 changed the usual scheme of order-taking and menu form. Customers queue up at the bar counter to order, as there are no waiters. The ramen café works on a first-come-first-served basis, so you can't reserve a table or order in advance. Once you make an order and pay for it at the bar counter, you can take one of the 20 tables, if available. The menu specialises in different kinds of ramen prepared according to original recipes (priced at only £4-5).   The menu also offers a variety of vegetable dishes with exotic dressings and sauces served in disposable tableware made from biodegradable sugar cane bagasse.

Such concept of an affordable fast-service café with fuss-free atmosphere is quite different from the other venues by Duoband. But what is important is that the records are kept in conjunction with the other restaurants of the chain. Thanks to the useful features of Tillypad, the work of all Duoband venues is maintained in a single program package.