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Euro Food: business lunch delivered to your office

Euro Food company is a new client of Tillypad, based in a suburb of Lipetsk. Mainly functioning as a canteen, Euro Food also delivers lunches to the local companies and polyclinics. Our official representative in Lipetsk, PKP-Torgservice, has recently completed automation of Euro Food.
Well favoured by the workers of the local factories and enterprises, the canteen has been at their service for more than two years. Besides, the venue has developed highly demanded service of delivering lunches to the offices of local companies and general hospitals. Euro Food delivery service offers a three-course lunch with a beverage and a scone at a quite reasonable cost, with a different menu every day of the week.
Up until recently, the delivery service of Euro Food has not been using any automation systems. However, with growing number of orders came the necessity to streamline and coordinate the business processes. Therefore, the owners opted for Tillypad as an automation solution: they used the trial version first, and in the last month purchased the permanent license. It took the specialists of PKP-Torgservice only half a day to configure Tillypad and automate the delivery service, which allowed the Euro Food employees to carry out the work without interruption.
The owners were pleased with the outcome. The migration to Tillypad has worked both for the benefit of the customers and the operators: taking and processing orders has become much easier and faster than before. Tillypad delivery solution ensures excellence in customer service which has not gone unnoticed: the company's page in social networks is full of positive comments and feedback from the happy clients.
In the long term, Euro Food plans to develop its business and automate food spots in local polyclinics.