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Food market in a new way

Recently, a food market designed specially for Moscow's commuter belt was opened in the district of Brateevo. The Green Market is a must-visit place for all local epicures. Here, you can buy fresh groceries and enjoy authentic cuisine in ethnic restaurants. This is where traditions of a busy market place meet modern trends: the whole retail area is automated with Tillypad.
The Green Market was created by Ginza Project restaurant holding and Aval investment group with a focus on local quality-minded consumers. The Market offers top quality farm produce from the localities near Moscow, different regions of Russia, and CIS countries such as fresh meat and fish, newly drawn milk, local fruits and vegetables, oven-fresh bread, and pastries. Besides the rows of shopping stalls, the Market houses ten food-courts to accommodate over 100 customers in the area of 2700 square metres. At the Green Market, you can taste food from all over the globe: American burgers, Vietnamese pho soup, variety of German sausages, Italian pizza, Georgian khachapuri, Japanese maki, and so much more.
What most markets lack has been implemented here: at the Market, you can pay for all the bought items in one go. This is how it works: on arrival you get a card, to which all your purchases made at the shopping stalls and cafes are charged, and then you can simply pay the total on departure. At a modernised place like the Green Market you can still haggle over the price. Thanks to Tillypad's flexibility to configure local discounts for various goods represented at the market, the owners managed to maintain this traditional feature that everyone loves!
With Tillypad, everybody wins: the employees of the Green Market keep the customers happy by serving them quickly and efficiently while the owners get detailed information regarding day-to-day business operations. A successful jumpstart of this pilot by Ginza Project and Aval group made it possible to plan opening of at least 10 more 'Green Markets' in various suburbs of Moscow. Besides, the owners are considering offers from other regions of Russia. The automation works were performed by Tillypad's representative, Technoengineering Company.